7-Day Diet Meal Plan to Lose Weight: 1,200 Calories

Ketogenic Diet 7-Day Meal Plan

The 7-Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan ( + A Beginner’s Guide )
Cook for 4 to 5 minutes until seared then flip and cook for another 4 to 5 minutes. This meal plan is awesome! One should maintain strict timings on this diet for the seven days entire. Combine all of the ingredients except the whipped cream in a blender. Pour the mixture into the pie plate and top with mozzarella and pepperoni.

Ketogenic Diet Rules

Ketogenic Diet Plan for Weight Loss: 7-Day Keto Meal Plan and Menu

You will combine it with four glasses of milk distributed throughout your day. All those bananas and milk are ideal for replenishing crucial minerals such as calcium or potassium and energy levels. To make combating food cravings easier for you, you are allowed to have a bowl of GM vegetable soup ideally for lunch. Also, do not forget to drink a lot glasses of water. For a breakfast, you can have one glass of milk with one medium-sized banana.

If you feel like snacking before your lunch, try having one glass of milk and two bananas. This should make you feel full for some time.

To keep you well hydrated, you should drink two glasses of water. Tomatoes 6 , sprouts, cucumber, GM vegetable soup, lean meat chicken breast, pork loin, beef tenderloin or fish. The day five is finally a protein day. The GM diet calls for beef on this day. My recommendation for breakfast is a meal that is rich in fiber preferably boiled legumes.

For a lunch, you could have a cup of vegetables of your choice with a portion of meat. For a dinner, you can have the special GM soup with a vegetable salad.

Both are low calorie and rich in water and minerals. For your breakfast, you can have braised beef with two sliced tomatoes. Drink three glasses of water. For a mid-morning snack, you can eat a turkey patty with a tomato for a good source of protein. For a lunch, you can prepare a hamburger patty do not forget use seasonings together with a sliced tomato.

If you need a snack after your lunch, you can have a turkey patty with seasonings and a tomato. Do not forget to drink two glasses of water. For a dinner, you can have a hamburger patty with two fresh tomatoes. Again, drink two glasses of water. You can enjoy meat as well. Just keep in mind that you need to flush out the uric acid your body will produce from digesting all that meat by drinking even more water.

You are almost done now! The day six is very similar to the day five. You are focusing on protein-rich food. However, you need to avoid eating tomatoes. For a dinner, you can have the special GM soup just do not use tomatoes this time with a vegetable salad. Use seasonings for better taste. Drink at least 2 glasses of water. For a lunch, you can have cooked beef with a lot of vegetables. Do not forget to drink three glasses of water.

You can enjoy meat as well! Finally, the last seventh day of the vegetarian version of GM diet has come. Because you have made it this far, you will be rewarded. Not only that, you will be able to eat a lot of rice, vegetables as well as melons.

After the seven days, you should be at least 5lbs lighter. A lot of people who follow the diet strictly lose up to 17lbs in only seven days. The first meal on your last day of this diet should consist of a cup of brown rice or oatmeal together with the melon.

If you need a snack before your lunch, you can have a bowl of sliced strawberries. For a lunch, you can have a big salad made from vegetables of your choice mixed with raw mango. If you crave for some snack before dinner, you can have a bowl of blueberries and raspberries. For dinner eat a bowl of brown rice with a lot of vegetables of your choice. Again, you need to drink two glasses of water. For a bedtime snack, I prefer a bowl of strawberries. Just avoid anything else.

At this day, you will be pushing out that extra fat from your body. If you want to, you can continue with this nutritional plan to enjoy even better results. Surprisingly, there is an easy vegan and Indian alternative to the GM diet. If you would like to move forward with this diet without adding any meat to the program whatsoever, then feel free to do so. If you want to get skinny, the GM diet is everything you have been searching for and so much more. The GM diet has many benefits for those who decide to follow it.

After careful and thorough research, let me give you the most appealing pros of this diet:. Did you know that this diet is really good for the detoxification of your body? You will stay away from bad foods that tax your liver, kidneys, and skin such as processed foods, unhealthy proteins, and insulin spiking carbohydrates for the first few days. Another way this plan encourages healthy detox is by drinking two liters of water each day and consuming lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

These foods are rich in fiber and will promote a healthy bowel movement as well. Not only that, you will consume a lot of fruits and veggies that are rich in dietary fiber — a substance that helps to clean your digestive tract. As constipation is associated with the build-up of toxins in your body, you will improve your detoxication even more. Also, drinking that much water per day will help get rid of any toxins or bacteria that may be present in your urinary tract.

This diet has become popular mainly due to the fact that you can lose a substantial amount of weight in a record time of just seven days.

Well, this statement is true but it depends on how well you stick to the main principles and rules of this diet. Although most of this lost weight is usually caused by the release of retained water, this is great achievement nonetheless.

As you consume fruits, vegetables and drink so much water, your skin will start to shine and look healthier. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which will help prevent skin damage caused by free radicals. Not only that, veggies are an excellent source of minerals as well. Some of the best minerals found in many vegetables that are great for your skin are zinc, selenium, and sulfur.

By consuming vast amounts of vegetables you will receive these minerals and your skin will thank you for this, trust me. Lots of people report feeling light, enthusiastic, and energized while following this diet so you can expect the same. Your body will really enjoy the vast amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from healthy foods. This will also reflect on your energy levels. Just keep in mind that drinking water is also bound to help you feel energized as dehydration is a known cause of lethargy and feeling weak.

One of the pros of this diet is the fact that it takes just seven days. Dieting for one week is quite manageable for every serious dieter out there. The fact that this diet lets you pick among your favorite fruits and vegetables makes this plan less restrictive and easier to follow. Just keep in mind that there are two sides of the story for almost everything out there. This is the same for the GM diet as it has not only benefits but also side effects.

The GM diet is not sustainable over a longer period of time, seeing as it restricts the intake of many crucial nutrients. It is especially not suitable for those trying to gain muscle as the food proportions and types are not ideal for proper bone muscle formation.

Before you dive right into this diet, we strongly suggest you to check out what side-effects and cons are related to this type of diet. One of the primary shortcomings of this diet is the minimal amounts of protein allowed per day. The first few days of the diet restrict the intake of protein, and so you can expect muscle loss, and even the meals that follow the first 72 hours are not enough to sustain muscle content.

The first three days may be characterized by incessant thirst, even after drinking enough water, and dizziness due to the reduced portions of food. Your body will crave for more food and will, therefore, use the water consumed to carry out digestive functions.

Some guides say you can work out while on this diet, but that is not practical. You will be weak from not eating enough food, and so your body cannot perform optimally. You could do a few workouts that do not strain you too much. However, weightlifting and intensive cardio could have you reeling and feeling too dizzy for a comfortable weight loss.

Even though vegetables and fiber are drivers of the metabolic system, lack of protein causes muscle degradation. Protein is also the building block of hair follicles, and less of it means dull hair and skin. The GM diet is best regarded as a detox that helps get rid of toxins, but it is not sustainable in the long run.

Dieting is hard, strict dieting is even harder. Restricting carbs and eating a low amount of foods and calories is one of the hardest things that require strong discipline. You have to stick to a plan you usually do not like.

That is why you need to be highly motivated and maintain strong willpower to follow strict rules. There is little to no exercise allowed during this diet as you will feel fatigued and drained.

Another downside of restriction based diets is the fact that you are missing some of the important nutrients your body needs to function properly. You will feel thirsty because your body should get into fat burning and detox phase. To flush out toxins stored in fat, your body will need to use more and more water. As you can see, this is an easy way to get dehydrated. While, the majority of your results will be achieved through loss of water weight, thanks to the reduced caloric intake you will lose some of your body fat.

No, you should not use this diet as a continuous lifestyle. Once you finish your seven-day cycle, you need to have a week off period. Ideally, you should take at least a week or two off before you start again. This way, you can easily replace all those necessary substances you will lose during GM diet. Luckily, there is no minimal or maximal limit on the number of cycles you can do. However, as I have written in the answer above, you should take at least a week or two off. It features a restriction on dairy, fatty means and vegetable oils.

As long as you avoid the foods mentioned above, you should be fine. There are tons of resources online as well if you need additional guidance. A quick google search should turn up a ton of resources. I started Keto 2 days ago. I have figured my Keto Macros to cal — 86g fat — cho 20 g net.

I ate a good bacon, 2egg to equal my Macro s? I ate a good 2 egg, 2 sl. Maybe I should mention I am an active 84 yr. I am sure you will start seeing benefits. My dad started this diet and he is After about 2 weeks he is a different man — more energy, and better sleeps. I am allergic to all nut products, seafood, fish and shellfish…. Then just get your protein from adding more of the meats you can have, grass-fed beef, for example.

Your body will, how shall I say this? Flush it out naturally. However, you will get pretty incontinent this way, so balance with more fiber. I like chia seeds and flax meal mixed together with a little peanut butter for breakfast. What is the best way to keep up with your carbs fats and proteins also do I need a scale? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Therefore, you need to stop eating veggies with carbs I think you mean root crops and eat more healthy fats i. Omega 3 fatty acids and load on protein.

Then log everything you eat. You have to buy the premium version of my fitness pal to adjust macros. I went into the MyFitnessPal Home page then to the goal settings and set the macros according to a Keto diet percentages.

I want to lose weight, not only to look and feel better but because I wannaale sure I can be there for my children as long as possible. I also would like to know if snacking between meals is ok? Hi m 25year old,I have got polysistic ovaries n I have gained too much of weight i.

I have PCOS as well. Research a PCOS-specific diet. It often overlaps with Keto or Paleo recipes. But you have to also avoid holstein cow produced dairy products, red meat, pork, soy products which are in almost every processed food in addition to carbs and sugar.

I eat relatively healthy and fairly low carb I am already gluten free. I eat 3 meals plus snacks snacks mostly of nuts with raisins that would have to go , greek yogurt would switch to plain , peanut butter, cheese and fruit would need to reduce qty. Would eating straight up butter be ok for additional calories also once I am in Ketosis? Please do not eat straight butter. That is not good for you or for your heart, regardless of what may or may not be allowed on the Keto diet.

Eat spoonfulls of healthy oils like olive, peanut, or coconut. Add a bit of flavoring like lemon zest and blend it up, put it in ice cube trays silicone and freeze.

I guess I am just confused about measurements. How do I know how much meat I am allowed or vegetable etc etc. I would appreciate some answers. Is there any kind of a bread or wrap I could eat thank you, God bless. I got keto flu the first week I was even nauseous. I did the same thing then plateaued. The weight melts off slowly. Hi Kathy, good fats include things like red meat, butter, coconut oil, cream, eggs, olive oil…. I love this diet…only one that has ever worked for me.

Reaction to eggs could be due to the following: Read Healthy Traditions website regarding chickens being fed soy — soy will be in the eggs. It is said all soy, even organic is contaminated GE, plus it is said by reliable sources that organic soy, if consumed, should only be fermented. Non organic soy and corn are GE and heavily sprayed with diluted white phosphorus and flamydahyde sp?

See cornucopia institute — even the best of eggs on their list the farmers feed their grass raised chickens with corn and soy feed. I have an allergy to latex which causes me to not be able to eat avacado, banana Or kiwi. Can he still benefit from this diet. His Doctor said he needs to get some of his weight off he is having a hard time breathing. The Doctor said a low carb diet. But I, we would like to try the Keto diet. These recipes on here that were provided all have seem to have a lot of protein once added at the end of the day.

When I figure mine I can eat 55g protein and me eating the omelette alone with half a chicken breast for lunch puts me over? Someone help with this! Quick question…why not artificial sugars?

Thanks for all the info.? When you get a cherry limeade from Sonic, the cherry flavoring still has sugar in it, also carbonation is bad for your body as well. Just curious for the choice of picture for the post, but the menu looks awesome! Is this menu plan a good way to get out of the stall? Or do you have any suggestions? I eat in an 8 hour window from noon to 8pm and then fast during 8pm to noon the following day. It will work to take you out of a stall. I listen to Dr Eric Berg a lot.

He is a supporter of doing the Keto plan along with intermittent fasting. Keto is high fat, medium protein, low carb. I think mayos are naturally sugar-free. Mine is generic, Great Value, from Walmart. If you check labels, you will find sugar in most mayonnaise.

Dukes Mayonnaise is sugar free and good but usually available only in the South. Dukes Mayo is available on Amazon.. The only question I have is I cannot stand just drinking regular water can I use crystal lite in my water to give it flavor? What is it sweetened with? Is it on the avoid list? You can add lemon or fresh berries for flavor. I have the same problem, but I have successfully replaced boring water with Perrier Lime sparkling mineral water. No sweetener and the sparkle and slight hint of lime make it non-boring for me.

Sparkling water with your choice of lemon or lime is really nice too. In was thinking the same thing… Why suggest hummus when hummus is made from legumes which are high carb , not allowed on a keto or LCHF woe…? Usually you should be closer to 20 grams. Going higher may knock you out of ketosis…but it really depends on the person. This is treatment for metabolic disorder which can help reverse liver and kidney damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes. The suggested intake at first is around To remain in ketosis you must not consume more than 50 but this varies for each person.

All of my research says under 50, but it is variable, different for different people. I have just started low carb and exercising 1 hour. I lost 6 pounds on the first week. I will not be able to maintain the exercise. There are MANY exercises you can do indoors.

I am a vegetarian. How can I do a ketogenic diet? I have been avoiding all carbohydrates for about 2 wks—no processed food, no bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. I lost about 2 lbs almost immediately, then no more weight loss. I eat vegetables, fruit, cheese, half and half.

Could I be eating too much fruit? This may help you: This may help you https: Thankyou very much for your response. I feel stuck and so confused. Here is a list of ketogenic diet foods: No beer, regardless of the carb count. The ingredients will raise your BG blood glucose , which defeats the purpose. Also, I drink Vitamin Water. Can I continue to drink it, or do I switch to just regular water? Vitamin water is full of sugar. If not listed on the label, read the ingredients.

If you have a pork allergy and cannot eat bacon, you can get turkey bacon and turkey sausage. You can also make hamburger sausage and jerky. I prepare Ketogenic and Ketobetic meals for my clients as well as gluten free.

So, such situations are commonplace for me. Where are you located? And what exactly do you do? Would be very interested in becoming a client. Or is there any breads accepted made from the almond or rice, etc. What Vegetarian protein options work? Beans are very carb infested. Usually rely on soy based protein and egg whites. No links to full recipes? Very interested in the Philly cheesesteak casserole but having a hard time imagining how to put it together. When you make the Philly cheeese steak casserole, hoe much cream cheese do you use and do you soften it, or just layer it on in slices?

Vitamin Zero Water is made with Stevia, you can have coffee and tea as well. No sodas, no juices. Unless there has been a VERY recent change in manufacturing of Vitimin Water it uses sucarlose not stevia they are very different substances.

Stevia is derived from the stevia plant. Sucralose is a man made chemical an accident at that. Carbonated water really helps to feel like your drinking something like soda but still just water. Look for selzter water with the ingredients as simply: Buy a SodaStream soda maker. You just have to buy the bottle of Co2 every so often….

Tea and coffee are both acceptable on Keto. For water, I recommend Hint. Follow this guideline for wine: I do not eat cheese or yogurt. Heavy cream is okay. Is it okay to just leave out the cheeses? Will that make a difference? Dairy makes me bloat which would seem counterproductive to using a Keto diet for cutting. I have been on the diet for full month but have not lost single gram.

You need to calcultate your average macros for these 3 nutriments. Do it just if your an athlete. I have been eating this way very low carb, high fat, protein in between for around 3 years now.

And though the change is gradual, it is sustainable and quite immediate just little by little. The amount of that calorie deficit required in order to drop excess varies a lot from one individual to the next though, I think. I am particularly intolerant to hunger, and so I cannot overly emphasize how small of a deficit I will allow for. The nice thing about that though is that the hunger is far more pleasant in the absence of carbs.

I done a read up a while back that some people can take up to 10 weeks plus for it to start working. Is there any way you could shift this diet around to supplement my needs? First, Keto should really not be considered a diet, but rather a lifestyle change.

Second, there are hidden carbs and gluten-free everywhere, so be sure you are not eating anything processed. Third, you must keep track of your carbs and limit to 20 or less per day when beginning for maximum results and getting into ketosis. This is especially true if you have specific health issues. But, overall, Keto should work. Fifth, you need to provide your body with the fuel it needs to burn fat: Keep your ratios of fat, protein and carbs in line. And your medical degree came from where exactly.

If it is possible to be allergic to sun light or water both are well documented allergies that kill people there is no reason why an allergy to chlorophyll is not possible. It is chlorophyll that makes plants green.

It is actually a plant. What is the substitute for beef.? Can you use wasa thins on this diet? What types of exercise routines do you suggest with this 2 week plan? Also can someone go over the numbers game with this? You need to gain weight not lose. Can eat too much fat. If so how do you manage your fat intake?

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