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Okay, okay, so what IS the Golden Ratio, exactly?

Colt McCoy
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23 - Anthony Davis


McCoy said, "But at the same time, I want to play four years here. Not very many people have had the opportunity to do that. That's something that's real special to me and important to me. On December 8, , after the Longhorns learned they had been passed over for the national championship game, McCoy said he would return to the team for his senior year. McCoy indicated he wanted to play for a national championship. He announced he would not attend the NFL Combine and instead performed during the University of Texas pro workout day.

Prior to the draft, McCoy said he had "no expectations". Cleveland has a little orange in their jerseys just like UT. It's a perfect fit. Pointing out that Cleveland already had three quarterbacks, Browns president Mike Holmgren said McCoy would likely not play his first season with the team in order to develop him as an NFL quarterback.

He also scrambled four times for 22 yards. McCoy started the following week against the New Orleans Saints and contributed to the surprising victory over the defending Super Bowl champions at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. He then started again on November 14 against the New York Jets ; however the Browns lost in overtime with McCoy throwing for yards and a touchdown.

McCoy injured his ankle in week 11 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and missed the next three weeks before returning to start under center against the Cincinnati Bengals in week McCoy threw for yards and 2 touchdowns with no interceptions, but Cleveland lost. In each of the final two games against division rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh, McCoy threw 3 interceptions as the Browns lost both games.

McCoy finished the season with 6 touchdowns against 9 interceptions. After a long-awaited pre-season after the agreements from the NFL lockout, and the release of Delhomme, McCoy became the starter for the Browns.

In the home opener against the Bengals, McCoy threw 19 for 40 attempts throwing yards with two touchdowns and one interception in a loss. The next two weeks, the Browns defeated the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins with McCoy throwing combined 41 of 71 attempts, yards, and 3 touchdowns with 1 interception.

Against the Tennessee Titans in week 5, McCoy threw 1 touchdown and 1 interception in a loss. After a bye week, McCoy and the Browns lost to the Oakland Raiders , McCoy threw for yards with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.

After the loss to the Oakland Raiders the Browns played the Seattle Seahawks and won as McCoy finished with yards, no touchdowns, and 1 interception. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 14, McCoy threw 2 interceptions and no touchdowns in a loss where McCoy would also sustain a concussion.

His father raised eyebrows when he questioned whether or not McCoy's team had properly evaluated him for the concussion prior to returning to the game.

McCoy stated that he did not remember anything. James Harrison, the Steelers player responsible for the helmet-to-helmet hit on McCoy, was subsequently punished by being suspended for the Steelers' next game against the San Francisco 49ers.

McCoy spent the season backing up Browns' rookie first round pick Brandon Weeden. On April 1, , the Browns traded McCoy and a sixth round pick to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for San Francisco's 7th and 5th round picks. McCoy signed with the Washington Redskins on April 3, On his first pass, McCoy completed a yd touchdown pass to Pierre Garçon.

McCoy then went on to lead the Redskins on a game-winning drive, winning the game The team lost the next 3 games without McCoy. McCoy re-signed with the Redskins on March 17, McCoy signed a three-year contract extension with the Redskins on March 9, Some media features on McCoy refer to him jokingly as " The Real McCoy " because of his performance on the field as well as his leadership and personality.

He also took a trip to Peru for missionary work and to visit hospital patients. On May 29, , he swam yards across a lake to help save the life of Ken Herrington who was having a seizure on a small dock that extended into the privately owned lake. McCoy enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing golf. Case McCoy now resides and works in the Austin area. McCoy has participated in a church youth group since I think he's done a good job with everything he's going through.

Bush home to Texas after his second term ended on January 20, Colt and his wife Rachel have two daughters, Sloane and Brooke, [] and one son. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved April 8, Washington Redskins agree with QB on 3-year deal". Retrieved March 10, Retrieved September 10, The New York Times. Archived from the original on September 23, Archived from the original on February 12, Meade — the point is that it is real, but not something the normal, everyday person is going to ever experience from not eating breakfast, skipping a meal, or fasting like the mainstream fitness dogma presents.

However many factors come into play. I believe the body can tell what the useless body mass is. On the other hand if you are obese your body will eat through the massive amounts of fat. Moreover protein is necessary so if your not getting any… then your body will break down your muscle to some level.

How much do you need? But if protein is consumed when in a massive deficit, it should probably be consumed before a state of rest when the body is not going to use it for energy. But we think we need to eat so much or we will be unhealthy. How many fat people do we know who need to eat five times a day so that they can get lean? The reality is most people should be eating calories or less a day in this world to maintain a real healthy weight.

By the way I ate calories a day for five months and my muscle looked more impressive due to the fact that it had 60 lbs less fat covering it. BTW, the recording ended mid-stream as they were talking about the significance of neck circumference. Would love to know what that was. While this information is great. It is fairly easy for your body to think it ay not get enough food and therefore put the brakes on efficiently processing the nutrients.

In other words it will make getting rid of the calories consumed much more difficult as well as requiring much more activation energy to get up and running again. For many people in decent shape this is not a concern. I agree with being very difficult for your body to eat muscle due to starvation mode. But for the beginning dieter it is vital to keep a constant stream of calories entering the system. After all it is used to getting plenty of food and your body will get scared if something radical is happening.

Radical in this sense could be not getting a fresh supply of calories every few hours. The more I think about it, the more I realize what an amazing mechanism our bodies really have regarding energy supply and consumption. I mean the one thing you might want to watch out for is adequate protein supply —and even for that you seem to have a hour window! They have one of the healthiest nations, in fact there was a bestseller written about Chinese health and fitness.

This is a very interesting article because it features a real experiment on what starvation brings about. It made me realize that doing any weight-loss method excessively will only bring harm to my body.

Thank you for posting this. I have been doing insanity workout I dont know if you have heard of it and this is my second time doing it and I am into week 4. I started thinking I was going in to starvation mode because I was doing the training 2 times a day and resistance training in addition every other day. What has ruined my metabolism is from years of trying to starve myself. Now I find it near impossible to lose weight. I just stay the same.

Maybe starvation mode isnt true for some people, but it is true for others. And not extreme cases, either. If you restrict calories below say if you are male , then over time your body will start getting better at storing fat.

It will be harder for you to lose weight because it wants to hold on to fat , believing you are in a famine. This is why my metabolism is basically ruined. Im not talking about skipping a few meals every now and then. Im talking about what most dieters try to do , which is severe calorie restriction. Thank you for this article! It is one of the very few that truly reflects what starvation mode is and why the vast majority of people will never have to worry about it!

Great post; very reassuring. I started doing intermittent fasting a few weeks ago, having been convinced of its many health benefits.

But this further convinces me that there should not be any negative effects. Yes; I agree with that Meade. Intermittent fasting and short term calorie restriction are no problem, but restricting calories too much for months on end will certainly slow down your metabolism. Those are some interesting findings. This clashes with my research that shows a shift in several different hormones when calories are restricted for an extended amount of time.

Just to echo the other commenters thoughts — this pretty much flies in the face of conventional thinking! Hey, Recentely discovered the site and love it. Enjoyed the initial abs blueprint videos. The graph was free fatty acid levels while fasting. It seems to say adapted from Klein et al or Anybody know where I can get a copy of that graphic or graph??

Or maybe where to get a copy of that research study? Thanks for the info! This definitely made me consider how much I am putting in my body. Even if I am on the go and busy.

I have a little bit of fat covering my abs and i dont know what the best way to get rid of it. The reason i ask is because we are going to splash town for a field trip and i want to be able to show off my abs, last year i flexed the whole time and no one noticed but it killed my stomach. Thanks for the article guys!!! And my body is definitely not starving!!! This article is very interesting. I have to admit I am just a little tiny bit skeptical… I am a 34 year old female trying to get my body back in shape.

Lost 10 pounds but i know a lot of that was water. In the last 2 weeks I have been stalling but have not felt hungry whatsoever even on calorie days. I am now considering increasing my calories up to and skipping cardio and just weight training. I was worried that I am losing muscle mass which is going to just hurt me in the long run and I will end up fatter than before. Anyone have any ideas for me? I am eating clean, mostly just eating lean proteins, small amount of high fiber carbs and fruit and veggies.

I would like to break through this plateau and do what will serve me best in the long run. And I have personally dieted badly by over-restricting calories combined with large amounts of exercise — I lost 52 lb of weight but 8lb of it was muscle. I remember how I traveled to Europe with just the right amount of money to eat a little during the day. I had to carry my heavy baggage with a bunch of clothes all around Vienna, Paris; running -with my baggage- to catch the train, the plane, etc.

After only 3 weeks, what I had been trying to get in the gym happened: No proper workout, no ab crunches, no nothing.

I just stopped eating so much. Starvation mode is a stupid myth created by companies which want to sell you useless supplements. I always have several rules that I always follow to prevent metabolic slowdown: The only one person here who understands anything is Edward. This article makes no sense whatsoever. After a few days on very low calories your energy drops down and you start loosing muscle. If you do not know what your doing and keep going , you will lose more muscle and less fat.

To do this the right way , takes a little bit of knowledge. After already losing 50 pounds due to a prior sickness, I did a 40 day fast, only consuming water. BTW, these tests that they did on those poor rangers… They averaged 3. Starvation mode is horrible. You feel cold all the time, become constipated, dizzy, depressed and have little energy. I lost fat and a lot of muscle and became underweight very quickly. I had to stop exercising after becoming injured and frightened of weight gain I cut to kCal.

I had anorexia nervosa and was unaware of it until I became too ill to work and my doctor referred me to a psychiatrist. At the start, eating more than was hard work, then when I managed to get to kCal, I ended up binging lots and would sometimes vomit which is what often causes bulimia.

After relapsing for a few months I just sucked it up and binged on well over kCal per day to get better. One Exercise Per Muscle Group? This is really awesome information! Thanks for the awesome post! What is the best way to go about this? Rusty, It sounds like these soldiers had it pretty hard for those couple months.

Good points all the way around, Rusty, and thanks for sharing. Starvation mode is always something you hear about. Hey Rusty, Thanks for this article man! Just like a clinically obese person drops weight super fast initially. Thanks Rusty, you rock as always! Thats an interesting comparison. Loyd, about your comment: Thanks for this post. I am one who might well have been overly afraid of this issue.

Another fat loss myth busted! Rusty, I hope this article gains plenty of traction because this is one of the most misunderstood notions in health and fitness. I think muscle loss can occur when eating like maeda said. Cassette tape very clever. I guess our bodies are a little smarter —and more efficient— than all that.

Anyways a little off topic, but I like that you challenge the norm. Is there anyway I could read a copy of this military study? Want Definition Without Bulk?

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