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Snuggle robots and talking toilets: CES 2018’s wildest gadgets
Experimental films by artists about photography tend to exploit the tension between the photograph as documentary record and its obvious constructedness, in the process raising the question: Hi Temmy, Do you mean Qualitea Tea? The exhibition runs until 28 February As a curator, Joel has been responsible for festivals, publications, exhibitions, screenings and concerts in Australia and internationally for over ten years. But perhaps in another way art forms a kind of Archimedean point, a pivot or fulcrum around which everything turns and from where we can reflect as though in a magical bubble upon all of that relentless activity around us.

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Pack on a few pounds during this cold snap? Modius has built a headset that stimulates your vestibular nerve, which runs behind your ear and into your brain.

You use Modius by attaching a pad to your skin, which has a wire that runs up to the headband. The electric current, Modius says, stimulates the part of the brain that controls your appetite. Brain-zapping technology is still somewhat unproven , but several companies claim it can help everything from concentration to pain relief.

Foldimate and Laundroid , robots that fold your laundry. These competing robots tackle one of the week's most arduous chores. Foldimate's promises to fold a load of laundry in 4 minutes, but asks you to feed each piece in, individually. The much pricier Laundroid folds from a drawer of clothes, but takes much longer. Sadly, neither can tackle socks or sheets yet. Those still must be done by hand.

Kingston Nucleum , a 7-in-1 hub for MacBooks. Okay, this one is just wildly practical. Remember when the MacBook Pro was useful for actual professionals?

Plug a Nucleum hub into a MacBook and those useful ports return. It even has pass-through power, so you can charge your phone or laptop. PowerSpot , a charging hub with no cords or mats. That means more charging cables. But Powercast's PowerSpot hub promises to charge devices such as watches, headphones and keyboards within an foot radius without any charging accessories. It does that by using technology that promises to be like WiFi, but for electricity. With recent approval from the Federal Communications Commission, it's closer than ever to hitting the market.

Dell XPS 13 , a woven-glass laptop. We attacked one with a black Sharpie permanent marker, and it eventually came out with a bit of elbow grease. At a time when lots of other companies are making cloth-covered gadgets, Dell gets a high-five for recognizing that road warriors really want a laptop that stands up to abuse. Xeros , a washing machine that could really slash your water bill.

Xeros fills washing machines with nylon balls about the size of green peas that help massage away dirt and absorb loose dye using half as much water. The tech is already used in some commercial washers and is trying to work its way into home models. INVI , a bracelet to fight assault. INVI's stylish bracelet is actually a deterrent against sexual assault. Like a skunk, INVI's bracelet releases a foul odor to repel attackers, in this case when you break its clasp.

It's not clear how much of a deterrent a bad smell would be, but we commend the idea to develop tech to help discourage attackers.

ElliQ , a social robot for seniors. Isolation is a significant problem for some older adults. ElliQ is a tabletop robot with a swiveling head that connects seniors to friends for messages and video chats and makes it a bit easier for them to take advantage of online information and services. La validation de votre inscription vous inscrit automatiquement à des Newsletters et vaut acceptation à des Conditions Générales d'Utilisation et des Conditions Générales de Vente.

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