Marc Almond / Trials Of Eyeliner / career spanning 10CD super deluxe box

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George Michael, Public Image Ltd, now this. Why does it seem like everything is being delayed or put back? Never was rude or said he was in a rush. People who are saying this is expensive? I have always liked Soft Cell and Marc Almond but this box is not for me. I understand people are different.

This box totally disregards that. A massively missed opportunity. Marc has many fans and there obviously is a market for this. How do you know this? Just a quick question: Unfortunately this is another missed opportunity. For starters the title is a touch misleading. There are far better and more satisfying introductions to Marc Almond and Soft Cell for the uninitiated out there, that cost a fraction of the price of this boxset. Thank you, MB, for sharing the stories of your meetings with Marc.

The taxi ride story, in particular, would be a very special memory. I met Marc a couple of times and both times he was polite, appreciative and generous with his time. The first time was in NY in We were on the sidewalk outside the venue when Marc came outside with a couple of other people.

He came walking past my group and knowing who he was I called out his name. He stopped and I spoke with him, introducing my friends. He was on his way to Danceteria, which was where we were heading, so we shared a cab. Marc even paid for the taxi. When we arrived at Danceteria, Marc walked us in past the doorman. He declined and that was that. There were only two of us there at the time to say hello. He graciously signed it and I mentioned our previous meeting.

He was nice to enough to say he remembered that evening. And once again, I was impressed with his receptiveness and kindness. I just recalled, a good friend of mine met Marc years ago in London, I believe, at some nightclub, either in the 80s or early s, and he I think kind of taking the piss etc. Just recalled that story now. Could you please inform whre in this book Marc writes about you? It must be in a different edition of the book to the one I have…. Very nice person, signed a couple of my favorite TD things I had brought, got a photo taken with him, had a quick but engaging conversation with him.

Just lucky, I guess. Thomas Dolby always struck me as a guy who would be shy, funny and gracious in person. He seems to be one of the few artists to have a self-deprecating, realistic and ironic handle on his own career and his standing in the field, and a truly dry, mordant, but warm, sense of humor.

I was, just watching this for like 10 minutes. I always take one or two things to get signed if the artist is willing. They could have just set a number of items if that was not OK.

I met one of my biggest musical heroes a few years ago and she was just horribly cold and mean, meeting your heroes is not always a good thing. Sometimes better to just enjoy the art. What a nice lady! There are many who could follow his example in a complete lack of self-importance in this celebrity obsessed culture we now inhabit. He was a bleached blonde.

I just cannot imagine him as being a nasty bloke. I just brought the booklets. Needless to say, I left my LPs and 45s at home. He sat at a table with me, post-concert, and signed every single one of them, telling me stories about different ones as he signed them.

He then went on to sign many CDs and LPs from others. I met Brett in 95 DMS tour. I have the book in front of me. These are really nerve-wracking and particularly unpleasant. I was most surprised when people did turn up, when queues went all around the block and people waited dutifully with their records to get them signed, with the album playing over and over and over again in the background — ad nauseam.

In Los Angeles I was beseiged by fans at the radio station and the signings. I remember one attractive girl bared her breasts for me to sign, and I scrawled by autograph across them.

To my horror, she returned an hour later. She had quickly gone to a tattooist who had gone over my signature, disfiguring both her breasts. But the descent into hell was not yet complete, and downward we went. Promotional tours also involved meeting the staff at the record pressing and packing factories, meeting the people who shrink-wrap the album, and posing with them all for snapshots….. Joe wrote that story here also last year or 2 years ago as well. There is quite a bit of drama in that message…not sure I believe any of it.

As far as this testimony goes, it sounds that, at the very least, Marc was just one of those artists who were either not prepared for such events, or just not suited temperamentally to host them, or even remotely enjoy them. I have seen him perform on many occasions and have also met him many times. He is very quietly spoken and a very nice man. I have not read his book but cannot imagine him being nasty for no reason.

I am looking forward to the box set very much. Yes it has, nobody in this entire fecking country of the USA knows who he even IS, minus a few thousand old 80s fans or goths, or whatever, or collectors or record store chaps. Joe, my condolences to you. Your a fan, if not for people like you Marc Almond would be nothing, least of all selling 10CD box sets well after his prime. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Watts a few years ago in Oxford Street and he was very engaging and an absolute gentleman.

Everything else was an import from Europe. Non existant in the USA. It took a long time for him to obtain a US label, after Soft Cell dissolved. I remained the most steadfast buyer of his music, long after Greater Los Angeles radio stations stopped playing anything he recorded. But I continued paying for his recordings.

So, in , when I read that terrible description of meeting me, one of the most loyal buying supporters any musician would appreciate for always being there, long after so many others passed him by, it really did wreck me. And the realization that all his charm and smiles were completely artificial. The Stars We Are?

His star fell a long, long time ago. I must say, I got really good money for his signed music. Those records were worthless to me now. Until this article came out, I essentially forgot about him. Just like so many others have, years ago. I was sorry to hear about your story. It certainly caught my atrention! Ignore what people say about not taking loads of gear to get signed. After all, you may never have had an opportunity to meet Marc again.

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