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Albums by "The Jacksons ," which formed after the group — without older brother Jermaine — left Motown Records for the Epic record label:. If cleaning your styling tools with vinegar, be sure to add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to reduce the acidic smell of the vinegar.

It gives a really pretty, glowy , natural look to the skin. And actually I always ask Rihanna to hydrate her skin well before any red carpet event. I could see that. I have noticed that Rihanna always has a really pretty glow to her skin, a really pretty sheen.

I have always wondered how you do that. So, it gives the skin a really pretty glow. But they're not a full strip. I cut them to look more natural on the eye. Can you tell me what shadows you used? I love using a palette by Dior. I have been using that a lot. You can use it alone or add a splash of color.

Actually, it is called Super Orgasm. I was wondering what that was! Oh, one more thing! What did you use on her brows? I used Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow pencil to define them and then used an angled brush with brow powder to fill them in. Friday, June 26, Michael Joseph Jackson. Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at 4: Links to this post. This is a natural, I'm not wearing any makeup, makeup look.

It's sort of my siggie. Perfect skin, bronzer and highlight, and some gloss. If you have small eyes like me, but love the drama of eyeliner, here's a tip: Line your top lids and only the outer corner of your bottom lids. Revlon eyelash curler Foundation- I used three mineral powder foundations to build coverage for a natural finish. Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at 6: Yes, it's a double feature.

Cleaning Your Brushes- Part 2. The hair grooming variety. Before you shampoo your hair, gather two hair brushes or one hair brush and one comb. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the bristles of one of the brushes.

Pick all the hair out of the brush. For best results, scrub in one direction only. Continue gently scrubbing as you hold the items under the warm running water until all the suds are gone. Dry the brush es or comb on a towel. Try an alternative way. You can also clean a comb by soaking it in a mug full of warm water and a bit of shampoo. Or, you can try a mug full of white vinegar, which will remove oily deposits left by your hair.

Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at 5: Because I love ya. Be fro- abulous , fly and fierce this summer. Until next time Curlies Can you tell me what you used on her eyes? Did you use lashes too? So what color did you use on her lips? I think Keyshia's makeup in this photo is beautiful! This album is also one of my summer faves "I buy my own liquor, I'm a go-getter. Thought you should know. Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at 3: Use a brush cleaner to spot clean make up brushes daily.

Transfer the cleaner to a small 4 oz. When you're done applying makeup, spray a little bit on a paper towel, and a little on the brush. Wipe the brushes clean using swiping motions on the towel. I usually do this before bed and my brushes are ready to use in the morning. I deep clean brushes 2x month with baby sham poo and water.

Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at 9: Sunday I used Yes To Carrots. Since I was 0 for 2 in the curl department, I added gel on top of my conditioner still in the shower, hair dripping wet.

My curls were poppin '! What 'ya know 'bout me? What 'ya what 'ya know 'bout me? The gel definitely helped elongate and define my curls. They dried crunchy, though. I guess I'll use this m ethod as a last-minute, hop in the shower, be ready in 20 minutes, the show starts at 8, kinda hair style.

My hair does not like wash-n-go styles. My curls tangle around themselves as they dry if they're not stretched. I have so many knots after this challenge I'm afraid to go near a comb. Are you trying this method? Leave a comment and share your results. Posted by KinkyCurlyMagazine at 7: Conditioner Only Method- Day 2.

Saturday I used Garnier Moisture Works. Same method as before. A little bit more curl def, but this conditioner dried a lil ' crunchy. I still had major shrinkage. I don't think I'm making this my go to hair style any time soon. I said I was going to give this a try, and I'm a woman of my word.

However, the skepticism is still lingering. Last night I pre-poo'd with honey and olive oil 3 TB of each. I shingled my hair with Naked Naturals conditioner, re-activated the product under the shower stream, then shook the excess water from my hair.

I plopped with a t-shirt for about 20 minutes. My hair was still damp, but not dripping, and my hair absorbed all the conditioner. I took the kiddies to the zoo, and my fro shrinkage was massive. To top it off, I had NO curl definition, just some nice clumping. It was just a plain 'ol fro, nothing special. I'm posting this at 9: Maybe it's the conditioner. It's only day one. Needless to say I did not get the results I was looking for. Tomorrow I'll try the Garnier.

Keep your fingers crossed. I really hoped they would last. He represents Queens, she was raised up in Harlem. The hip-hop pair has called it quits, but Kelis still has some of the best hair in the biz. Some vintage Kel is. Thursday, June 18, Every thing 'Aint for Every body. Suave naturals coconut conditioner- It's gonna be a NO for me. My hair felt like it had been shampoo'd, not conditioned. All is not lost, though. I'll slather this on my hair before swimming this summer.

Just a little tip for 'ya- the conditioner will protect your hair from the drying effects of chlorine. Needless to say, I won't be repurchasing. This sale is gonna bankrupt me and end my marriage in the process, LOL! The sales are ridiculous if you're a fan of the brand and enjoy a good scented candle. I used to work there: Choose complimentary fragrances and use 3 different mediums to scent any room in your home.

I definitely see growth. I was excited that my hair is long enough that I don't even need to get my nape shaped up with the clippers anymore!

Friday, October 24, Product Review: Roux Porosity Control Conditioner. I bought the small, 2oz sample of this from Sallys a few months back. I had used it once before my relaxer and then forgot about it until now. I used it this week because I might get a relaxer this weekend. Product Description Use before a chemical service to prevent chemical shock, to equalize hair porosity and ensure predictable results. Helps create more uniform color, perm and relaxer results.

Leaves hair natural looking, vibrant and manageable. Apply to damp hair before a chemical service. Leave in hair 30 seconds then rinse. Perform the chemical service color, perm, relax, bleach. Can be used after a chemical service when additional conditioning is required. Ingredients Propylene gycol, oleyl betaine, dicetyldimonium chloride, lecithin, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, lactic acid , coumarin, eugenol, hexyl cinnamal , methylparaben, propylparaben, dmdm hydantoin, titanium dioxide, mica My Experience The first time I used this product, I applied it after I shampooed and followed up with a deep condition.

My hair felt stronger when I went in for my touch-up. It didn't de-tangle my hair as much as I thought it would, but when I took out my rollers I didn't even use a moisturizer, I just rubbed coconut oil on my finger tips as I fingered out the curls. My roots were so moist!

I have never experienced moisture like that in my new growth at 7 weeks. Three days later, my roots were still moist without adding any other moisturizer. Because I may get a relaxer tomorrow, I oiled my scalp with Hollywood Beauty Castor oil, but I really didn't need the moisture.

Can I use this product weekly or every other week?? I'm buying the larger bottle the next time I'm at the beauty supply store. Sunshyne did a good analysis of this product last month, with different ways to use it! I may try to mix it with my deep conditioner next time!

Yes, I might get a relaxer tomorrow. I made the appointment a few days ago. I know I can go another week, but my vanity is getting in the way. I'm just not feeling pretty with all this new growth and I don't know how to blow out or properly flatiron my roots. I'm also not happy about the shed hairs in my sink and on my shirt every day.

Also, my nape aka "kitchen" is really bad. Maybe when my hair is a little longer, I'll be able to stretch longer without worrying about how my hair lays or the beady b's showing. The other reason is that I don't have any time next week to get my hair done.

I have to work late every day next week, and have to work next Saturday morning and attend a wedding in the afternoon. I'm proud to have gone 8 weeks. This year has been the first time I've ever gone past 6, and even then I would sometimes go 4 or 5 weeks. I can definitely see more thickness, which is also attributed to the fact that I haven't used a flatiron or curling iron on my hair in over 3 months whoo hoo!

So, the guilt I feel about not making it to 9 weeks is trumped by the discipline I've had since starting my hair journey! Thursday, October 16, October '08 Hair Update. I know I haven't been writing here much lately, but honestly, I don't have much to write about. That and the fact that my job has me working like a slave! I've just been trying to stick to my regimen. I've been drinking a lot more water every day and I started taking daily prenatal vitamins about a month ago.

What I notice most is that my new growth became very noticeable at about 2 weeks post-relaxer, which is hopefully a sign of growth and thickness.

My nails are hard as nails too- I can't remember the last time I had a split or broken nail! It's been 7 weeks since my last relaxer and I'm hanging in there, hopefully for another 2 weeks at least.

I've been working on finding products when I'm past 5 weeks post-relaxer. I find that most of my techniques stay the same, but I need products that have more moisture when I'm past that 5 week mark. I'm striving to go 9 weeks this time I've never gone past 8 , so I need to put in some extra effort to keep my hair healthy and presentable.

It's still a work in progress, but here is what I have so far: Vanilla Organix Conditioner and Vatika Oil - the Vanilla Organix seems to soften my new growth and loosen the curls a little more than the other Organix conditioners I use to pre-poo. I apply it like relaxer to my roots and use heat for about 15 minutes before washing my hair. I'd like to try neem oil in the future since I've heard how much it softens new growth.

Shampoo 1x a week: Creme of Nature Shampoo - I just used this shampoo green label for the first time last weekend, and I liked it.

My hair wasn't tangled and felt as moist as it could be, I think. I don't really know what moisturized hair feels like when wet, but I know what stripped hair feels like, and I didn't get that feeling from the CON. This is a keeper. Conditioner Wash 1x a week: I continue to co-wash with V05 Moisture Milks. I've been using the Passion Fruit Smoothie flavor. It's good, but I'm in love with the Strawberries n Cream scent! Even though it has some olive oil in it my hair hates olive oil , this conditioner seems to really penetrate my hair, not only moisturizing it, but also allowing other moisturizers to work better.

I have been doing the Aphogee 2-minute treatment every week before deep conditioning. Giovanni Direct Leave-In - I went back to Salerm 21, and although both do a good job at de-tangling and moisturizing, the Giovanni softens my new growth much better. However, as my new growth got longer, this mix left me with a nice set with a rough afro underneath. This past weekend I added diluted Lottabody into the mix, and my roots were straighter and softer.

KeraCare Creme Hairdress is great, but after about 5 weeks, it doesn't keep my hair moisturized all day. I thought of bringing it to work with me, but that's just too much- I don't have time to moisturize my hair during the work day!

So I started using it again about a week ago, just on my ends, but my roots were still dry and hard. The other day I started applying it to my new growth at night, and my roots have been moist and soft ever since. I've been doing this every night, even though my roots already feel great. I seal with coconut oil in the morning when I comb out my curls.

Pin curling has also helped to keep my hair off my collars yes, my hair is hitting my jacket collars! I know I haven't been posting photos much either, but I'd like to wait until my next relaxer so I can see if I had any growth!

Tuesday, October 7, Product Review: I've been trying to find a good moisturizing shampoo, so I bought it. I know I wasn't all that happy about the mask from this line, but I thought it might be better if I used the products together. Product Description Developed to treat extra dry or over-processed hair.

The gentle, deeply moisturizing shampoo for soft, smooth, totally touchable hair all day. For soft, smooth, totally touchable hair, begin with this gentle, deeply moisturizing shampoo. This revolutionary cream hair cleanser gently dissolves away impurities and helps provide intense moisturization throughout every hair strand. Salon-approved and scientifically proven to help even severely dry, over-processed hair feel soft, smooth and totally touchable all day, after a single use.

Three naturally derived extracts penetrate to help moisturize each layer of the hair strand: I didn't like the amla before, but now I realize I was using too much.

I still like vatika better, but amla is good every now and then. Anyway, I shampooed with this product twice, and even the first time I got a lot of lather- which I'm not sure is a good thing or not. After rinsing, my hair didn't feel much different. It didn't feel drier or more moisturized than it did before I washed it. I did my normal routine of leave-in and rollerset. When I took my rollers out, my hair was stiff and dry-looking.

It felt somewhat moisturized, but looked horrible. The only reason I did not immediately re-wash and condition my hair was because I was tired and defeated. Wrapping with saran wrap under the dryer for 15 minutes helped my hair lay down some, as did sealing the ends with a good amount of coconut oil. I returned the shampoo last night. I felt bad about taking back a product I used, but not that bad. I never say never, but I will probably never use anything from the NTM line again. Back on the hunt for a good shampoo Today is the first official day of fall.

I thought I would still have a few days to enjoy summer things open-toed shoes, tank tops, keeping my windows open all day , but here in Boston, you never know! Even as I walked to work this morning, I felt like the cold, dry wind was hurting my hair already. Wear hats whenever I can. In the winter in Boston, I usually keep my hair wrapped in my silk scarf, put a hat over it, and comb out my hair when I get to work.

Leave my pre-poo in longer than 30 minutes. Use the DIY steam treatment every time I deep condition. Be better at massaging my scalp and sealing ends- once or even twice a day! Apply a color rinse every other week to better condition my hair. Thursday, September 18, No Setting Lotion? For my wash yesterday, I re-visited using serum for my rollerset. Lottabody and Dudley's setting lotions are okay, but I haven't felt that my hair is as moist as it could be. I did my regular pre-poo and co-wash.

I also applied the color rinse again, but this time I put deep conditioner on top of it- to soften up my hair and to save time so I wouldn't have to sit under the dryer twice before setting. I then set my hair as usual, using a spray bottle of water to keep it wet. I'm not sure if it was from the color, the serum or a combination of both, but my hair came out shiny and much thicker looking. I also had less hairs in the sink when I combed my curls out. I had been wrapping my hair all the way around for the past 2 and a half weeks since my relaxer, and decided to go back to cross-wrapping, which works much better for me.

I'll try the full wrap again when my hair gets longer. Funny, when my stylist wraps my hair it comes out great. I guess I don't have the technique down. Tuesday, September 16, Product Review: At One Botanical Reconstructor. I bought this a couple of years ago, used it a few times, and never used it again until this weekend.

I'm not sure why I stopped since there's more than half of it gone. I used to religiously use At One's itchy scalp treatment, so that's probably why I purchased this. I decided to re-visit it as a protein alternative. Most reconstructors contain protein, but this doesn't. Description Repairs damage; controls breakage, shedding; detangles; adds body, shine, elasticity.

Rich in nutrients to treat damaged areas inside and on the surface of hair shafts. Natural emollients and botanical extracts give hair more elasticity, body and shine.

Apply to damp hair after shampooing. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse. For intensive treatment, leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

I left it on for a little over 3 minutes and rinsed. My hair felt stronger, and somewhat moisturized. The feeling reminded me a lot of the Aphogee 2 minute treatment. It's been 2 days since I used it, and even after deep conditioning with the diy steam treatment, my hair isn't that much more shiny or moisturized.

I've had a little more shedding than usual for the past week or 2, and this didn't help. I may use this about once a month until I finish it, but since it hasn't made the earth move, I won't buy it again.

I'm on a mission to drink more water. My forehead has been breaking out lately. Last night I was really thirsty for some reason, and drank 3 glasses of water before I went to bed. When I woke up, my forehead was almost totally clear!

I know water will help my hair growth and overall health too. I'd like to lose another lbs, so water will help that too. It's not going to be hard to increase my H2O intake. I like the taste of it, and have just about altogether stopped drinking juices and sodas over the past year. My water has to be room temperature though- I can't drink it as fast when it's cold and I'm cold-natured in general. I used to drink a lot of water when I was in NC at least 70 oz a day , but I stopped a few months ago when I moved and started my new job because I didn't want to be running to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

It's worth it, though, if I'm going to have clear skin and pretty hair. I've heard that you lose the urge to go to the bathroom once you've been drinking a lot of water for a while. I try to stop drinking water at 3pm, so I don't have to pee on my way home! Now, I'm going to try to drink most of my water in the morning. I have to try this, especially when the harsh winter weather starts getting to my hair.

Apply conditioner of your choice to your hair. Using the kitchen gloves, wring out one turbie and place one on your hair, then place a plastic cap or saran wrap on top of the turbie.

Then wring out the second turbie that's if you used 2 and place on top of the plastic cap then place your last plastic cap over the second turbie. Then sit under a heat cap or hooded dry for about 30 minutes.

All I can say is I could tell a difference before I even rinsed the conditioner out. My hair felt so silky.

After rollersetting, my hair fell so nicely, I couldn't believe it. I'm only 2 weeks post-relaxer, so the real test will be when I'm past 5 weeks. I'm going to incorporate this into my regimen and do the steam treatment every week and a half! Posted by Tiffanita at 3: I bought this conditioner last month. I've also been experimenting with natural products. There really isn't a reason why I waited almost a month to use it. JASON Jojoba Conditioner helps correct itchy scalp, excessively dry hair and dandruff from heat curling, blow-drying, perming and too much sun.

Continued use can produce dramatic results in as little as two weeks. I applied it like a relaxer, as I do with other conditioners. I have never used jojoba oil before, and the smell was pleasant. I put on a plastic cap, then a scarf, and left the conditioner on for about an hour while I did housework.

I actually worked up a good sweat sweeping, mopping and dusting! When I rinsed it out in the shower, I didn't really like how my hair felt. It didn't feel dry or stripped, but it didn't feel good either Usually when I wash my pre-poo out, I feel a difference in my hair.

It feels moisturized and smooth. I co-washed with my V05 Strawberries n Cream twice, and put in some Pantene Relaxed and Natural conditioner in for a minute or 2. That seemed to soften my hair up. My set came out shiny, moisturized and bouncy, but I'm sure it wasn't from this conditioner.

The co-washing helped soften my hair up, but overall I didn't see much difference using this product. Maybe I used too much. Maybe I should try it as a conditioner after washing my hair. I won't give up on it just yet Monday, September 1, August '08 Relaxer. So, I decided to go to my old stylist for my relaxer. I just didn't want to chance it. I will try the new stylist in a couple of weeks and see how she does a rollerset.

I was pretty pleased with my relaxer, especially since I didn't get a chance to do a protein treatment before I went. I based my scalp with castor oil, but I still burned a little in the back. She wrapped my hair and bumped the ends, but I didn't let her trim it. I don't think I needed it, and I wanted to see how much my hair grew over the past 2 months: Friday, August 29, Decisions, Decisions.

It's time for my relaxer and I have 2 appointments with 2 different stylists! One is with my usual stylist, who does apply a relaxer well and gets me in and out pretty quickly, but also has said things about my hair that sort of offended me , is a little expensive, doesn't style my hair well, and is in a location where parking is very difficult I once drove around for 25 minutes trying to find a metered spot only to realize that I didn't have any quarters!

My cousin recommended the other stylist to me. My cousin doesn't have a relaxer, but she loves to go to her when she get her hair pressed and told me that women with relaxers come out looking good. She uses the same relaxer Affirm and doesn't charge extra for deep conditioning treatments.

She's also less than 10 minutes from my house and even works on Mondays! There is plenty of free parking too. I'm just not sure how long she'll make me wait, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

So I made an appointment with my usual stylist for Saturday and the new one for Monday. Yeah, she's working on Labor Day! I'm just so nervous to try someone new. I even went to the shop yesterday to meet her face-to-face. She was very nice and professional, but I'm still worried. Her card says that she specializes in weaves, which worries me a little too.

I want someone who specializes in healthy hair care. I could try her this once and if I don't like her, go back to my old stylist. I keep hearing a voice in my head that is saying, "Tif, you get what you pay for. Thursday, August 21, Product Review: It's was little hard to find. Hair Treatment Uses For women of color. Extremely brittle, dry, damaged hair that sheds excessively.

Resilient, stronger, healthy hair that has dramatically less shedding due to breakage. After shampooing, apply desired amount of Deep Conditioning Mask to hair, concentrating on areas that need special attention. Leave mask on hair for desired length of time. Rinse, dry and style as usual. For maximum conditioning, wear a plastic shower cap and sit under a heated dryer. For best results, use with other items in the Breakage Defense Collection. Last night, I pre-poo'd with vatika oil and Organix Vanilla Conditioner.

I left it in my hair for about 45 minutes while I mowed the lawn. I applied a black rinse from Clairol's Beautiful Collection to my roots and left it in for about 25 minutes- 10 with heat. After I rinsed, I applied about a dime-sized amount of the Breakage Defense Mask to 4 sections of my hair.

I covered with heat for about 20 minutes. When I rinsed, I could feel how soft, silky and de-tangled my hair was! Even as I was setting, my hair had so much 'slip' that my hair was sliding off the rollers. When I took the rollers out, my hair extremely silky and soft. I'm 6 weeks post relaxer, and it looks like I'm about 3. This morning when I combed my half-wrap out, my hair had so much bounce! My roots were a little thick, so I pressed them down with a curling iron, re-wrapped and my hair falls much better.

This is definitely a keeper! I've been thinking of creating a regimen for when I'm past 4 weeks post-relaxer, and this product has to be part of it. Maybe I'll be able to stretch longer than 8 weeks.

As I walked to the train station this morning, I couldn't help looking at my hair in every car window I passed! My hair usually looks better a day or 2 after I wash it, so it might look even better tomorrow!

I have decided that after my bottle is finished, I'm not coloring my hair black anymore. I like how full and thick my hair looks, but the black seems too severe sometimes, especially in the colder months when my skin is paler. Monday, August 18, Product Review: I've been using ORS replenishing paks to deep condition my hair. However, I thought that I was using it too often, because my hair was becoming too moisturized.

I thought this because my hair felt too heavy and weighed down. I've heard great things about this product, so I picked it up and tried it last night after a co-wash. I have to say, I was not that impressed with this product. It was good, but maybe I was expecting some kind of magic to happen. I did as it instructed and only used a small amount, but maybe I should have used more. I didn't feel any "slip" as I do with the ORS.

It did de-tangle my hair pretty well. When I took my rollers out, my hair was bouncy, but when I combed my hair out this morning, I thought my hair looked a little dry, even though it felt moist. I realized that this has protein in it, and I probably need a moisturizing deep conditioner.

I'm also almost 6 weeks post relaxer, which is a difficult stage for me.. I'm not giving up on the NTM just yet, but I am trying to come up with a regimen that I will use when I'm past 5-weeks post, since my hair just isn't the same and doesn't react to products the same way as it does when I have a fresh relaxer. My hair looks great today. It's light and bouncy and feels great.

Maybe I just needed to sleep on it another night for it to fall better and let my hair absorb the moisturizer. I will definitely use the NTM again! On another note, I'm seeing some progress with my left side. My left side has always been thinner and weaker than the rest of my hair.

I made it worse wrapping my hair and ending the wrap on my left side. It was so thin, that when setting my hair, I only needed to use 2 rollers on that side, while I use on my right! Well last night when I set, I noticed a difference in thickness. I rolled using 3 rollers, but I was happy to know that I could have fit in a 4th if I wanted to.

So even though I'm not that happy with the style of my hair, the little successes I notice makes me feel good! A woman in a bar last week told me that my hair looked perfect- imagine that!! I tried this again 2 days ago, and I officially hate this product. When I took my rollers out, my hair was stiff and dry looking. I am so disgusted. Monday, August 11, Style? I've found the right products to use; now I need to work on styling my hair better. Now that it's growing out, I'm not liking the style, or lack of one.

My hair looks and feels healthy, but I feel like I look like an old lady with this style. I refuse to have any scissors to my head for at least another 3 months so I need to figure something out. It's only the past couple of days that I've felt this way. Last week, I really liked my hair, and it rained every day! Lately, the moist weather makes my hair look a little fuller and nicer, in my opinion. I can usually calm the frizz by sealing with grapeseed oil and pincurling. It's only been about 5 weeks since my relaxer, but my roots are somewhat thick, so I'm sure this has a little to do with it.

It doesn't seem like it's hard to style, but it's difficult to make my hair lay right without heat. I haven't used any heat other than a hooded dryer in about 6 weeks, and I want to see how long I can go. My friend told me to just wrap it and leave it straight, but the wrap doesn't work for me. The side I end with always sticks out and looks crazy- I know it will look crazier with this much new growth!

For this week's wash, I may set with smaller rollers, and wear my hair curly with a headband or scarf pushing it back.

I've been wanting to experiment with accessories anyway. We'll see how that turns out. I can't wait until my hair grows a little longer so I can do more with it!

I do see progress, so I'm happy and grateful for that.. Friday, August 1, Serum. I had never used a serum regularly before. A few of my sorority sisters use Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum before they blow dry or flat iron, and their hair always looks great.

I bought some of the Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum a few months ago. Luckily, the bss I was in had it in a small tube, so it wasn't too expensive. I tried it once, but it didn't really do anything. Besides, I'm a little prejudiced against Paul Mitchell products I blame them on a lot of my damage earlier this year.

Well, after reading how a lot of people rollerset with just water and serum, I decided to give it a try. I mixed about 2 parts water and not even 1 part serum in a spray bottle and set my hair the other day.

As I rolled, my hair didn't feel any different than usual. When I took the rollers out, my hair looked so thick and big, which I like! However, it felt funny. I'm not sure if it felt heavy, like weighed down, or what. I was just surprised, because I expected it to be light and bouncy.

I cross-wrapped my hair and went to bed. When I woke up, my hair was still full of body, but still a little heavy like I had a film on it. My hair looks just fine. I'm still not sure of this I don't hate it, but my hair just feels weird. Maybe I used too much or have product build-up. I haven't used shampoo in about 2 weeks. I can say that I'm loving how thick my hair feels when I run my fingers through it.

It's supposed to rain this weekend, so I want to see how it holds up in the humidity Product Claims Smooths and conditions unruly hair Smooths and protects hair with incredible shine. Rub 1 pump into hands and apply to damp hair starting at the ends and working toward the scalp. Maybe it was just the shock of using this for the first time, but I've been using this product for the past 4 months every week and I love it! My hair is shiny, silky and bouncy when I take my rollers out!

Thursday, July 31, Moisture found! After over 6 months of having dry, brittle, flat hair, my hair has become more moisturized, thick and full of body. I still have a way to go to get my hair to the state I want it, but I'm so happy that my hair has come this far. Some of the reasons for my success so far: Haircut - Getting all of those scraggly dead ends cut off was key for my hair to be able to fall right and absorb products I know many women can work through the damaged ends, but I cannot Co-washing - Suave was so good to me, but V05 is my new love!

No heat - I haven't put ANY heat in my hair since my relaxer 3 weeks ago I just have to keep at it. Rollersetting - My skills still aren't where they should be, but I'm going to keep working at it.

I've found that the most important thing is making sure that my hair is completely dry. Wrapping just doesn't work for me, so I'm sticking to the cross wrap for a while at night.

Attitude - this is probably the top reason! I truly believe now that I can have healthy hair and the power of positive thinking does work! I don't get upset when my hair doesn't come out the way I want it to; instead I work with it. Like Lisa Akbari says, God gave me this hair and God doesn't make mistakes. I definitely want to grow it long, but I would honestly be happy having short hair that is thick and healthy!

Product Description Treat your hair to the fragrance of fresh-picked strawberries and the moisturizing benefits of soy milk proteins in our exclusive patented conditioner. Smooths and detangles as it conditions, leaving hair silky, soft and manageable. After shampooing, apply to hair. Leave on for 60 seconds. So, I bought this conditioner about 2 weeks ago. I had been reading on the boards how a lot of women like it better than the Suave Tropical Coconut for co-washes.

It was on sale for 79 cents, so I thought, why not? I had just had a relaxer a week before, so I wasn't looking for any kind of miracle. I co-washed and roller set my hair.

First of all, it smells so good, I want to eat it. My hair definitely felt more moisturized, but not too much more. The second time I co-washed with it, I could really tell a difference. My hair had "slip" while I was still in the shower! With the Suave, sometimes I would add another conditioner right after co-washing for a couple of minutes just to soften my hair more, but with the V05, I didn't need it!

I've co-washed times since then, and every time, I feel like my hair is more moisturized. I'm so glad I bought it! I want to try the other flavors, but I'm so in love with the strawberries and cream, I'm afraid to try another. Wednesday, July 23, Much Better! I'm so glad I got the rest of my scraggly ends cut off a couple of weeks ago.

I went to Atlanta this past weekend, and my hair held up fabulously. I co-washed and roller set it Thursday night, and I didn't have to do anything to it all weekend, besides put a little oil on it a couple of times. I didn't have to use heat, pincurls, nada! I think that's great, given the fact that it was humid in Atl, and I was extremely active- during the weekend, I took a dance class and partied like a rock star, lol.

Don't laugh too hard at the photo- I was being silly at a bachelorette party! I co-washed last night. My set came out nice, but my hair isn't as curly as it was this weekend and I'm not sure why. I used vatika oil and Organix Shea conditioner for my pre-poo as usual although I usually use Organix coconut or vanilla , but for my co-wash I used V05 Strawberries and Creme conditioner for the second time instead of my usual Suave Tropical Coconut.

I know I said I wouldn't buy any more products until I ran out, but it was 79 cents and smelled sooo good! I dc'd with a quarter-size of ORS replenishing, used Giovanni leave in, and set with diluted Dudley setting lotion and water mixed with coconut oil. Even though my hair isn't as curly as it was last week, it is so much softer and feels so much more moisturized and thick. Could it be the V05, or that the Organix Shea conditioner is for 'smoothing,' or the fact that my hair is getting better?

I'd much rather have thick, moisturized hair than curly hair, but I wish I knew why the curls didn't hold as well. My boyfriend watched me do my hair last night and he teased me about going through so many steps. I told him that my main motivation for growing long, thick hair is to prove my stylist wrong. I just found out that he doesn't use shampoo or conditioner on his hair- just water!! The funny thing is, he has the shiniest, curliest hair.

My relaxer last week went really well. I didn't burn even though I washed a couple of days before. She used Mizani perm and my hair is really straight. She said since my hair is getting stronger, she'll go back to Affirm next time.

I went 8 weeks and I couldn't believe how much growth I achieved. I think I finally got all of the over processed hair out. I was going to go ultra short, but my stylist encouraged me not to cut it and see how my hair does now that I am committed to keeping it healthy. I'm glad she did, because I really want to see how long my hair can get. She wrapped my hair and bumped my ends. That style makes my hair too straight for my taste, but I don't always like the way she rollersets, and her shop was too hot for me to be under the dryer that long.

Even while she was curling my hair, I could feel my scalp sweating. One thing that bothered me: My hair has been thick in the past, so I don't believe it's impossible for my hair to be thick. When I first moved back and went to her a few months ago, she said my hair was horrendous.

I'm not usually that sensitive, but damn, she could have used better words. I just have to put those comments out of my mind and keep working towards my goals. Her negativity will only drive me to work harder on making my hair thick and healthy. Four days later, I shampoo'd with neutralizing shampoo, since I'm so paranoid now about getting all the relaxer out. I also put a semi-permanent color in, using the black color from the Beautiful Collection.

I dc'd with ORS Replenishing. I didn't use a leave-in, because I'm trying to see what the benefits are I love Giovanni direct on my new growth, but I'm not sure how useful it is on a fresh relaxer.

Then I rollerset my hair with small rollers. It came out nice, but a little dry, so maybe I do need a leave-in! Other than the dry feeling which was cured with some KeraCare hairdress , I'm really happy with my set.

I know now that smaller rollers are best, because my curls stay longer, and my hair looks a lot fuller. Now that I've gotten all the bad ends cut off, I feel so optimistic because it feels like I'm starting over fresh. I also want to simplify my regimen. Sometimes I get product happy from reading all of the hair boards and blogs, so I'm going to stick to the same products for a while, and NOT buy anything until I run out. I've been pretty good lately.

The only thing I bought at the bss the other day was the hair color! I'm still on a quest for more moisture, but I'm just going to keep working with the products I have. I'll admit that I haven't been good at deep conditioning lately. My house has been so hot. But, I promise myself that I will dc at least once a week. Using the heating cap rather than my hooded dryer is so much cooler.

Of course, there are some things on my wishlist: But I can't buy them, unless I run out of the color, setting lotion or conditioner that I already have. I also started taking my multivitamins again.