Is Animal Pump bad? (Gym supplement)?

How Did Animal Pak Start?

Most of the ingredients are similar to other products in the same category, but there is an amino acid complex, performance complex, antioxidant complex and digestive enzyme complex. Which is a better creatine supplement Animal Pump or Concret? No, there's nothing in this that will make your nads get smaller. Keep on keepin' on with Pak. Are we racing out for Animal Pak multivitamins? We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Boost, with scientifically backed ingredients. NJ To Sacramento Mentor.

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I finished my first can of Animal Pak and got the second one in the mail today. Detroit ABC my thoughts I just loved lifting weights and that's how bodybuilding got started. Soda and Fast Food will do more kidney damage. Maybe your friend will agree with this: If vitamins give you kidney damage then stay away from fruits and vegetables.

Is that logical and good advice? Keep on keepin' on with Pak. If it truly caused kidney damage I would be in bad shape after 4 consecutive years on Pak Bennett "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift. LOL I'm sorry bro but is your friend a doctor perhaps? I can see where your friend is coming from bro. From a first hand experience, I had kidney issues due to supplements. I was taking in a lot of pills and my kidneys couldn't keep up with processing them.

This led to my kidney enzymes becoming elevated and couldn't process everything out of my body properly. Needless to say I backed off from supplements for a while and everything returned to normal.

I am not saying it is because of animal pak, but it was because I was taking a lot of pills for my supplementation. My diet was on key, so we were able to pinpoint to supps. Some people are just genetically different. I know guys that do a lot of supplements and shit and have perfect blood screens, and I know other people who take 1 or 2 things and they're blood screens look like shit.

All based on how your body handles things. Thats why blood tests are great doing 1 every 6 months. I walk on the fringe of the iron game, so come with me on the ride of your life. If you make it, you will have one thing that is impossible to buy and very hard to come by--my respect. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow. A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Originally Posted by bomichaels. It makes my heart pump faster and it feels like it is coming out of my chest. I usually dont react to caffine, but running def. It says take on an empty stomach.. How long after I eat should I take it?

Originally Posted by blackhats. I just started taking AP for about 4 day's now. I really don't feel anything different. I was taking NO-Xplode before this and could def feel the difference. I also noticed that my heart rate screams when doing any sort of cardio.

I'm going to eliminate the red pill before my workout this afternoon and see if there is a difference. What are the benifits of stacking Torrent post workout with AP? Last edited by rjmlakota; at Anyone want to tell us about their results without the red pill? I'll be finishing my first can of Pump soon. Comparing against my ex- Pump product, I have noticed considerable gains in focus, intensity and strength.

Overall AP is an excellent product, but I have isolated some strong side effects. I have much higher levels of negativity, aggression, decreased tolerance, slight depression and its harder to maintain self control among other psychological variables.

I speak to the manager of the Gold's I attend quite often; I'm not sure if he noticed me behaving differently but he somewhat out of the blue asked me if any supplements I'm consuming cause any mood swings. I told him "Yea I'm noticing changes with Animal Pump. While I believe thats a good notion I will continue using AP as part of my supplement stack. Originally Posted by Kabraxas. Originally Posted by Asr. Originally Posted by supp diez. Originally Posted by Sm Whats in the red pill?

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