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Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger MD (2013): What to eat and foods to avoid
Any peanut butter lovers cringing right now? Hi Jenny, I have tried this recipe several times and while my bread looks okay and tastes good, it never rises as high as yours. Enjoy your blog very much. Thickness — try adding more liquid Taste — try one of the other recipes look to see if you like all the ingredients , or add an ingredient which you like the taste of e. I have tried, but they just swell up right away and absorb all the water they are soaking in. I will work on that.

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Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Phase 2 — 7 days — reintroduce foods into your diet over the course of a week, which will allow you to identify the foods that do not promote long-term gut health. Also guidelines for testing triggers and for a lifetime diet. Some foods, like beans and certain fruits, are excluded because they are difficult to digest or high in sugar, even though they are the staple of most healthy diets. The reintroduction process is the last stage of the Clean Gut program, on days While staying on the Clean Gut diet, reintroduce gluten and dairy over seven days.

The purpose of the process is to identify your toxic triggers — foods that cause inflammation, acidity, irritation, or indigestion; also allergic reactions, food sensitivities, autoimmune reactions, mood swings, bloating, fatigue. Gluten and dairy are the most common toxic triggers. Others are processed sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Other foods that are commonly healthy for some and toxic triggers for others include:. If you want to test eggs, red meat, and nightshade vegetables, avoid them for say weeks and then reintroduce them for two days, one at a time while eating only Clean Diet foods, to find out your reaction.

The diet in this book claims to reduce the risks for: As always, this is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. Consult your doctor before starting a new diet. This page describes what the authors of the diet recommend — Chewfo is describing the diet only, not endorsing it.

I am using the nuts and berries as snack. Junger refers to having 3 meals a day, some of which may be liquid meals. Could you let me know where in the book it says to eat 5 times a day? Thanks for pointing that out! This section talks about learning how to cook 5 meals that you prepare all the time, rather than asking you to eat 5 times a day. We may change the sauces, spices, and combinations, but the basic components of the meals are the same.

Instead of getting wrapped up in complex recipes or the fear of eating clean for the rest of your life, focus on mastering five healthy meals. I would like to start this protocol but I have issues with most protein foods except beef, bison and elk meats. Should I take it slow and introduce these supplements one at a time until I see how things go? Sorry to hear about all your reactions. It sounds like you really need this diet to heal your gut! For protein, it asks you to limit some of the foods you react to, like nuts, and avoid others, like soy and beans.

If beef, bison, and elk work for you, use them as your proteins. Junger points out that each person is different so the best supplement programs will be tailored to your specific history and nutritional needs p.

I concentrate on the food part of diets, rather than supplements, but for the supplements Dr. Junger lists on p. I have been on Dr. I am absolutely thrilled with these results. I believe this is the result of the elimination of sugar.

I am having so much fun trying new recipes and have inspired my husband to join me. I feel fantastic both physically and mentally. What I plan to do is stick to phase 1 and skip phase 2. Junger for showing me the way. Eating just the phase 1 foods can be very limiting, especially socially, and you may be avoiding foods that are potentially healthful for you. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I will try introducing some foods, but will eat gluten free. I do have sugar issues and without the starches, I am finding things so much easier.

I am scheduled for blood work next week and then I will find out from the doctor if there is any improvement. Whey protein isolate is a dairy food, which should be avoided in phase 1 of this diet, and reintroduced only if dairy has been tested and passed.

Vegetables might be triggers, is better rosted or cooked than raw? But the author of this diet suggests eating raw vegetables as well as cooked. Also try avoiding carbonated drinks. I tried starting my program today and I am already so discouraged. I have never tasted anything this awful in my life. I tried so hard to eat it.

Any advice is appreciated. Sorry to hear that. Thickness — try adding more liquid Taste — try one of the other recipes look to see if you like all the ingredients , or add an ingredient which you like the taste of e. You could also try drinking it slightly warm. Keep in mind that Dr. Hi Kim, my daughter just called me with the same problem. I think that the 1.

Hi, I just read the book. Maybe it just went totally over my head, but what on earth are we supposed to do for lunch and dinner? I get the supplement protocol. I see the recipe section… are we supposed to just pick a recipe and have that?

For dinner, have a meal from the recipes and make it INTO an entree-sized salad? Or, have a recipe from the recipe section WITH a salad? I am so, so very confused. Have a look at the recipe section — if you want to eat something from the recipes that meets these guidelines, go ahead, or you can create your own meal from the guidelines. Is tofu an acceptable food during the 21 day cleanse? It seems that it would fall into the vegetable protein category, but soy products were on the foods to avoid list.

For an explanation, see http: Just wondering why fruits other than berries are not allowed during the 21 day cleanse. Also, are strawberries okay? Other fruits are excluded during the cleanse to reduce yeast overgrowth. The only berry listed in the book are blueberries.

I love the logic behind this program. Fix the gut and you solve a lot of problems. I am in week 2 and feel wonderful. I am also finding it easy to adhere to. But sometimes, I wonder if this book was quickly thrown together. I agree with a recent poster — the blueberry shake is inedible.

It must be a mistake. And the shake options are very limited, esp. Junger asks that you drink a green shake every morning. Wish there were more options. This book was a life changer for me! I found that my primary migraine trigger is gluten, and dairy is also a headache trigger. I have completely eliminated them, permanently, from my diet. Luckily, I found a holistic doctor, who explained leaky gut to me. I took it upon myself to learn more and bought the book.

Like some other posters, I drank the same one every day. I was sick of it by the end, but I toughed it out. I guess my point with all of this is, try as best you can to get through the 21 day cleanse, as written, but you also have to do what works for your body. Try to do it as closely as you can. My migraines are GONE. Most of the time, I am headache-free, but I am still getting one a day working on finding the trigger.

I have decided to stay gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly grain-free and refined sugar-free. I am trying to stay with the correct food combinations as well. I have three friends now reading the book and their jaws dropped, as mine did, when they learned how it all comes down to your gut!

For your only remaining headache, look at habits and situations that may be triggering it — which could be environmental, food, or stress. Junger covers environmental and other other toxic factors in his earlier book, Clean.

Dates are fruits, and the only fruits allowed in the cleanse are fresh and frozen berries, lemons, and limes. Any other fruits, including dates, and any caloric sweeteners, including date syrup, are not to be eaten in phase 1 or phase 2.

Many cleanses ask you to exclude yeast completely. So… maybe try not to have Marmite during phase 1 or phase 2, but reintroduce it after phase 2. Why are eggs included in the clean gut program and not in the clean program?

In the clean program we were told not to eat eggs in phase 1. Junger lists eggs as a possible allergic or toxic trigger in Clean and Clean Gut. He also lists a number of other foods as not to eat in Clean but okay in Clean Gut including chicken and meat. How can you and the author possibly assume one would have read the clean book before reading clean gut? I have started the 21 day cleanse in the clean book.

So far so good. The creamy blueberry shake on page was impossible to make. I have a Vitamix. It says coconut but there is no liquid so I added water to be able to mix it. Was that a typo? Also is the clean gut book much different? Should one do the clean cleanse first then the clean gut or what is suggested. Thank You Looking forward to seeing what happens on the cleanse. Looking at the ingredients, that would make an extremely solid shake! You could try with coconut milk or coconut water, similar to the other recipes.

The author suggests trying Clean first — it has much more than just dietary advice, it claims to help you to reduce toxins in your whole environment. My only question is can you get sufficient protein when eating only a side of quinoa, lentils or split peas per day?

Thanks so much for a great synopsis of the book and great responses to the questions people have asked here. Bee pollen, spirulina, and blue-green algae are also listed as vegetarian proteins, as are vegetarian protein powders rice protein powder, hemp protein powder, and pea based protein powder.

Hi I am hoping to start this programme in a weeks time. However I am really going to struggle with having a meal for lunch. So I am going to have to have a shake for lunch and then the meal for dinner. Will it still have the same health benefits? Thank you for a wonderful summary on the book and the cleanse. Are you supposed to continue the supplements during phase 2 as well or take them only for the 21 days during phase 1?

Unfortunately I only concentrate on the food side of diets, not supplements…. My boyfriend and I are going to start this diet soon! Try reading the recommendations in the book and finding something that matches them closely enough. Good luck with the diet! Hi Maria, Yes, that should be fine as long as you find supplements with the correct dosage as outlined in the book. I am on the third week of the program, and SICK of the smoothies. Can hardly get them down. But I am wondering about the tea.

Book says herb tea, what is wrong with instant tea?? And WHAT is a green juice? A green juice is what you get when you juice green vegetables without any fruits or non-leafy vegetables. Is there anything else I can drink or eat in morning besides those shakes? Sorry, but the shakes are the only alternative that the author gives for breakfast! As well as the recipes in the book, you could try the ones http: You probably need to ease into the diet slowly. Try an elimination diet first for a week where you simply avoid all the food allergens and junk, but continue to eat three meals a day.

If you really hate the shakes, you could try deconstructing them, making sure you chew really well. The diet guidelines indicate to go easy on the allowed Legumes split peas, lentils as well as quinoa, only a side serving a day. Junger just reminds you to go easy on them. I cannot digest, red meat, poultry, wild game, anything but fish, for some reason. I eat fish and eggs mostly, daily, but I also have to watch my fish and egg intake as I have very high levels of B12 just recently checked so I must watch how much B12 I take in a day.

Also, I do not digest fats well. I have to limit fats or my digestion is effected. Not sure what to do. Yeast has a very short shelf life and once opened, it should be kept frozen.

Can anyone tell me if i can only use plain flour instead of the wheat one? Will that be ok? Do i need to change the quantity? Great videos my dear! Keep up the good work! That would be my Simple White Bread. I love this recipe so easy I stopped buying bread. Trying it with chia seed. Thank you so much for your recipe! I had never made bread with milk before, it adds such a lovely flavor!

My husband and I have both really enjoyed the loaf I made the other day. What would you say is the best way to store this loaf on the counter? In a plastic bag, tupperware, etc? Plastic if tightly sealed can create moisture, which is not good for bread. I store mine wrapped in foil and I refrigerate it after the 2nd day. Just had to let you know how great this bread is. My 11 yr old daughter made this using a friends organic whole wheat flour and entered it in the county fair and she got a purple ribbon.

Everyone who tasted it, loved it. Thanks for this recipe! This is the first bread I ever made that looked, sliced, and tasted like bread should. It was so easy and both my husband and I love it! How is it after it is frozen? I would like to make more than one loaf so that I could have it on hand. During the baking my bread gets the crack from the point where the dough rises above the tin.

Whereas in your pic the Crack is not so open… What precaution should I keep to avoid the crack. Found this recipe last week, and just whipped it together. The first time I try a new recipe I always make sure I follow instructions carefully. Well, the dough was very very runny…it seems that there was about 50 percent too much milk? I did mash it together with additional flour…and it is rising now…let me check it….

I will continue with it and bake it when it gets a bit higher. I love making my own bread. I am a Canadian retired in Argentina, and the bread here really leaves a lot to be desired. And it is quite expensive. Will let you know how it turns out.

Should have known…made in Argentina!! Anyway, the loaf I made turned out surprisingly good, despite basically pouring it onto the counter and flouring it half to death and hardly kneading it at all and then scraping it together to put into the pan. Very obliging dough that is for sure. A real go-to when you need a loaf of bread now…. I have just baked the wheat bread. I cut the risen dough into half as I got 2 smaller loaf tins.. It turns out surprisingly good after 35min.

The crust, texture and its taste are v. Its my first suscessful and satisfying bread I have attempted. I wonder if you can help for an eggless bread? Can I use an 8 by 8 pan if its only 2 inches tall? Would you recommend any changes I should make? So I asked my dad for help and he rolled the dough up like you did in the video, then he rolled it up again, so it was a square. Thank you Jenny, this was an awesome recipe! I just successfully baked my very first whole wheat bread and wanted to thank you for sharing this recipe!

More power to your future endeavors! Hi…thanks for this easy recipe. Only in the video you explain it wich for my was to late. The time to rise my dough was more than one our. I can think was for the lack of kneading process. I also indicate above to knead the dough 50 turns but your dough rising slowly may be for a different reason.

Please look at this post: Jenny, I stopped buying commercially made bread over a year ago due to all of the preservatives, HFCS, trans fats, etc…, and started making my own homemade loaves. They taste wonderful too! Every Sunday is bread baking day, so we have it for lunches for the week. Thanks for such a tasty and easy recipe! Thank you ever so much for this beautiful recipe. Spot on at the very first attempt.

Watching the video was a great help. I hand kneaded all through. The bread was super soft and flavour was wonderful. Thanks once again wish I could share my pictures. I wish I had seen the correction during the video saying to grease the pan!

I had to pry the loaf out of the pan and the bottom did not come out with the rest of the loaf. The bread was a nice texture and very flavorful. First time making whole wheat bread. Followed the recipe as written. Had a taste while warm with butter, brown cheese and jam. Next time will be adding my favorite nuts to this recipe. Jenny when I lived in Canada I was hooked to your show. Now am hooked to your easy recipes. Have a great day. On the wholeweat bread can I use 1 tabl.

Keep up the good work. You have giving us great healthy recipes. And please make more videos! I made twice with your recipe. Both successful and ofcourse tasted very healthily delicious. Though I added less sugar. Any replacements for the milk? Someone may have make it with a substitute. I rarely use milk in my bread recipes. I just use plain water. It turns out perfect every time I make two to three loaves a week.

I dont eat eggs but very keen to bake this wholewheat bread soon! Jenny, your recipe rocks! It is so unforgiving to make. I made it in a nutri ninja dough blender. It tastes great and my picky teenage daughter loved it and so did my mom who is a great baker.

I also love your entertaining way of teaching us to cook! Living in India, working with completely different flour and yeast quality, I was apprehensive about trying this recipe as many other experiments had left me with dense, yeasty-smelling under cooked bread. The bread is a winner and I am really excited to try your cinnamon rolls next. Thank you for the recipe. Thanks Jenny, I am sticking with your recipes.

I only use whole milk and works just fine. I also substitute honey for the sugar. It all works well. I only use whole meal bread, which I buy from the market. The taste and quality is never consistent. Now, with your help, I shall make my own. Thank you so much! I just made this recipe and it turned out amazing! Hi Jenny, I want to say thanks for this recipe and how easy it was. Jenny, thank you so much for this recipe. This loaf came out beautifully!

It is light, moist and will now be our bread for all times! Note to others, I used only whole wheat flour. My bread took about an hour to rise but other than that it was perfect.

I live in New Orleans so maybe being below sea level was a factor or the humidity! Jenny I love this recipe but was wondering if I could use water instead of milk for someone with a milk allergy. I have only used milk so you would have to experiment or you could try a non-dairy milk alternative. Hi Karen, I always use what I have on hand.

Sometimes I use milk or slightly soured milk, almond milk or water. The taste may be slightly different and the colour may be as well, but any of them work I find. I have been baking bread for some 40 years. I think you can use whole milk but it might make the bread a little heavier. If you try please let us know how it turns out. Thanks for this great recipe! Instructions were so easy made my first loaf every and it turned out fantastic. Had no trouble following you and had a Laugh too.

Next Im making cinnamon rolls a family favorite! I have made this 6 or 7 times and usually it turns out perfectly. I use heritage grain organic flour from my local farm which imparts a wonderful taste and texture. So much easier to slice than bread made in the bread machine! You might like my honey wheat bread. I have found that some recipes just work better with eggs in them, esp some that use only whole wheat flour and not white.

I made this and the Cinnamon Rolls this past week, and they both turned out great! My 7 year old daughter and I are huge fans of you. We appreciate your simple and elegant personality, not to mention yummy recipes. The best I can do is refer you to the metric conversion chart in my blog: I was looking for someting easy and good and this bread is fabulous.

My son wants to eat only sandwiches whit this bread. I used Wheat Montana brand white whole wheat flour. I used 2 cups of this flour, and just left out the AP flour because whole wheat absorbs more moisture. Everything else I did the same as in the video including using the kitchenaid mixer.

I am so excited to find this recipe as I have had so many bread fails. I love the breads simplicity with only one rise! I just used this recipe to make hot dog buns. I baked them at for minutes. If bread is combination whole-grain and white — use larger pan. So Soft and easy to slice. I have to say this is the best recipe for Whole Wheat Bread that I have tried.

Perfect for those who are looking for a 1 loaf recipe. I may try adding some flax seed next time. Hi Jenny, I watched this video 5 times, and before i was not convinced at all. Yesterday I tried your recipe, followed it and it worked out so well. Most people like the smell of freshly baked bread and that smell comes partly from the yeast.

My husband and I love wheat bread but I have not found a good recipe for it. This recipe was just what I was looking for. I have tried recently to make wheat bread and have failed miserably.

All my loaves have looked like brown bricks. This recipe was perfect. I can now make wheat bread. I tried this for the first time and it turned out so well. Love your video, you are so funny! I am so inspired that I went and bought a whole bunch of ingredients! Can I add ingredients such as oats and seeds? This recipe will not make a French baguette, which is a very different process.

As for adding things, I only make this bread this way so you would have to experiment if you want to add things. The loaf may not be as soft and light but you never know… Let us know how it turns out. I made this for the first time and it turned out well.

Subsequently, it came out with large holes and a strong yeasty smell — too strong. I am just guessing, over kneading in my mixer , or over proof? I always seem to have the same issue large holes, and rubbery texture when I bake it in a loaf pan. I will try it again. And when u said to beat on high for 2 minutes , what attachment do I use?

The whisk , or the hook dough? It might help to watch the video again. A yeasty smell can be from proofing at too warm a temperature or the oven not being hot enough when you first put the loaf in. Holes are from air pockets created when rolling the loaf so you may be using too much flour when shaping.

Next time, pay attention to every detail and do not make any changes in the recipe, including the size of the pan. As I said, it would help to watch the video again, and good luck. I usually made bread using a bread maker machine. I do love the machine. Although a friend showed me some of the benefits of not using one. But, since counter space is limited, would I be able to use the machine for the mixing of the bread and transfer to a bread pan before the baking process?

Hi Jenny, I have tried this recipe several times and while my bread looks okay and tastes good, it never rises as high as yours. I live in Nicaragua, and it is very warm and humid. Is the humidity the problem? I have tested my yeast and it appears to work find. Can you suggest anything? Humidity is actually beneficial for rising dough. Please look here for a possible solution: Thank you so much for those suggestions.

I changed some things about how I measured and took more care with the temperatures. The loaf is a little better. Hi Jenny, I have been watching all your videos and have also tried some of your receipes. And one thing I make often is this bread.

Thank you for the recipes. I also like the colorful utensils and tools you use in your. You will be very surprised to know from where I live. All the best to you. Hey Jenny my wife uses your recipe and it always turns out perfect. We have also used this recipe to make cinnamon rolls and they were fantastic. We made hotdog buns last night with this same recipe and again a winner as always thank you so much for this recipe and all that you do.

Ok Jenny I have used the basic white bread recipe for making bread sticks,cinnamon rolls,hot dog buns, dinner rolls and now I am going to make cinnamon raisin bread. This is a great all purpose bread dough that tastes wonderful any way you use it.

My family,coworkers and friends are very happy I found this recipe. Thanks again for you recipes and videos. I made a mistake at the grocery store the other day and bought wheat flour.

I am baking a loaf every other day. The only changes I made was to use home made butter and raw honey.

Hi Jenny, This recipe is amazing! I made it about 10 times and experimenting with different ingredients. In stead of regular sugar I used coconut sugar, instead of using vegetable, canola or olive oil I used coconut oil. The bread turns out with a mild sweet taste and you would never guess it has coconut oil. I use almond milk instead of milk. My family and friends love this bread. I make it at least every other week.

I also make your original recipe. Thank you for making this bread recipe so easy and delicious!!! This is the second time I made this recipe and it turned out perfect again. The only thing I changed from the recipe is that I use my Kitchen Aid mixer to knead the bread. It is a great tasting bread. This is now my whole wheat standard! Thank you for this great recipe!!!

I made this bread today and it turned out beautifully!!! Plus the recipe is so easy: Great and easy recipe. I would like to make 2 loaves at a time. Would I just double all ingrediants?

I make a double batch of this every week. I just double everything. The two families I make it for just love it. I made your bread for the first time today, but decided to try making two loaves to bake at the same time and it worked, but you need to be prepared and on your game to minimize the time between the first and second batch. I made each batch separately because my mixer is not that big. For the second loaf I had the dry ingredients already together, and next time I will have the egg and oil in the milk in advance to save more time.

I will now refine my technique further. Hi jenny, i followed your recipe. It tasted good fresh from the oven, but as it gets to room temp, the crust became so crusty and tough and the inside a bit hard. Any idea what could be wrong? Jenny its beyond awesome i have tried many recipes but every time i got strongly smelling yeast n under cooked neither raised bread..

I am a professional who practically lives on a plane. Thank you for this wonderful demo. It worked like a charm with only 1 minor difference. Tthank you so much for this easy recipe,Your recipes are wonderful. I just started using many of them, My favorites so far are the bread, I have been doing both breads for my family and friends, Thank you again for getting us foodies excited about great recipes to make for our families! The recipe calls for either instant or dry active yeast. Steven, I have made this bread with both instant and dry active yeast and they both work very well with my recipe.

I have to make another one this weekend. The loaf came out perfect just like you said. I found your video on YouTube completely by chance then subscribed to your page because your recipes look amazing and decided to try making this bread for my husband.

I had followed all the instructions for aerating the flour, measuring ingredients, etc. As a vegan who loves baking, I tried making some substitutions. The dough took a while to rise above the pan about 70 minutes , but my pan was taller than the one required. Really light for whole wheat bread at least and slightly sweet. And vegan, so I got to dig in! Hi Jenny, Why does the smell of yeast stays in my bread?

You sound it so easy and healthy. Yeast is what gives homemade bread that great smell. If you bread smells off, give me a little more detail and I will try to help.

Made this twice and though it tastes very good, it never rose an inch above my bread pan and was very dense. My yeast is fresh and I measured correctly and checked the temp of the milk. I will try again and see.

This is a proven and consistent recipe and should not be dense. Please check this section for a solution: I tried it again and the bread came out beautifully. I was careful to measure the flours and check the temp of the milk. I raised it next to a heating vent on the floor and it rose in 35 minutes, no problem.

Hi Jenny Love your baking video. Made your whole wheat bread it was so good also would like to know where do you perchance your colourful gadgets. I add raisins and diced dates. Rub on sesame seeds or other variety of dried fruit. Add almost anything I like the flavor of. Can I mix the flour and make it in my food processor?

Or in a bread machine? Jenny, I love your recipes. The Simple whole wheat bread has now become a regular for me. Have you tried to make bread with rice flour? Can it be done? Had rice flour bread due to allergies when I was a teen and it was Awful!

From a bakery so they knew what they were doing. I tried the wholewheat recipe and it was delicious. Just one thing I know in your recipe you talk about the dimensions of the loaf pan. Can you tell me the height of the loaf pan used in your recipe. I make whole wheat bread for the first time I my life and we loved it.

Could I use this same recipe for whole wheat rolls? By the way, after lunch with your meat loaf, whole wheat bread and squash, his sugar count was below a hundred.

Thank you so much for your recipies and your videos. We ar having chicken and potatoes and wholewheat bread tomorrow. I have never made rolls with this recipe but you could scroll through the comments to see if anyone else has. I had tried whole many wheat bread recipes before but yours is the best. I just made your whole wheat bread and it turned out perfectly! This is the very first time in 30 years that a whole wheat bread recipe has worked for me! I even took pics! I love that many of your recipes are dairy free as well.

You really know how to teach in easy terms and I am so thrilled to have found you! My mother was Polish so another reason to love your recipes!

Hi, Jenny, and thank you for this wonderful recipe for whole wheat bread. It is high, moist, tender, but with body so it slices well for sandwiches. I made only a slight change, and used coarse wholemeal flour from foodireland.

I would stick to reg. Thank you so much for sharing all your great recipes! Please advise if you have ever doubled this recipe, and if I should double everything, including the yeast. In the past couple years I have tried many recipes for WW bread, and this is the best. If you try, please share your results with all of us.

I did double the recipe, and it turned out perfect. This is a wonderful and simple recipe for whole wheat bread. Why would anyone ever buy bread from a store again? I have been following you for years! So enjoy your videos. Have been using your ww bread recipe for awhile. I have a w stand mixer. I always make 4 loaves, since my mixer can handle it. Today I used coconut oil and honey. We must put soft butter on some ends hot from the oven!

Hey Jenny, love all the recipes on your site. I made cinnamon rolls four times and every time they were perfect. Now I want to make wheat bread, can I make it without an egg? It appears that you did not look through my recipes. You will find whole wheat breads with and without eggs. My easy honey wheat bread has no egg. Four or five quail eggs equals one large chicken egg in a recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, except it took about an hour to rise. Could be because I live at feet in Colorado.

The loaf is light and delicious. I will make this often. Hi Jenny, thanx for the recipe I have made the bread about five times but it comes out dense tastey but dense any suggestions? I came upon this video by accident this morning and tried making it with home milled hard and soft wheat berries to replace the whole wheat flour.

Thank you for the great recipe and video, Jenny. Active dry yeast should be no problem. You might find answers here: From the reviews, this sounds like the one. I doubled the recipe to put in a 2 plus pound long Pullman loaf pan and baked longer. I needed to make more bread to bring to my Mom..

We have a very small oven that was being used at the same time and space is limited so the pan is more narrow and fit better than 2 large or 3 small. OK, so I changed the recipe…Point is, the original recipe ratios allows tweaking easily if using basic bread baking principles!!! Easy to follow steps that help bakers, novice and beginners alike. Glad to hear you went of soy. Yes, I do eat Miso as well. Although, I do recommend to eat both Miso and Tempeh sparingly. I have heard that with potatoes you also need to soak to reduce starch.

Would you cut them up in chunks and then soak overnight and dump the water? Thanks for informing me. Hey Lorena, I put your email on the mailing list.

Check your email for verification. I want on the email list! I just found this site while googling sea salt colon cleanse and was so impressed with the articles I found here! I would love to be on the mailing list too! Thank you so much for all of the great information.

Generally, I discard the soak water from grains and beans. The quinoa manufacturers claim to remove all saponins from the seed. My understanding is that saponins are in the outer layer of the seed called the seed coat. When i try to soak quinoa pre washed version in water I still can see little of the white foam.

I am trying to prove that no matter what you do to quinoa you will always end up eating some saponins? Do you think this is a case? Is there any scientific proof for that? Just rinse the Quinoa as well as you can! From what I listened to and read, there was no mention of the germination process and releasing the beneficial nutrients, which soaking provides.

Phytates may do everything mentioned in these studies, however, food must be looked at in its whole form. Not soaking beans, grains, etc.

Please add me to your list … I am soaking right how in spite of the gnawing in my stomach to consume something … quinoa to start with … your chart will see me through the rest of the grains etc. I am permitted … histamine intolerance victim here … 12 weeks into eating according to the low, medium etc. Itching ha ha ha to let others know this little trick to combat the little monsters!!! Do you know whether soaking will reduce the nickel content of these foods? I am allergic to nickel and recently went on a nickel free diet which excludes these foods.

Do you know if chia seeds should be pre-soaked. I have tried, but they just swell up right away and absorb all the water they are soaking in. From my understanding, chia seeds are more readily digested when soaked.

Much like flax, its hydrophilic properties soak up water, making a slimy goo-like texture. Apparently, this is where all the goodness resides. Is that still true? What kind of grains were in this whole grain flour? As far as not eating wheat, I went ahead and updated the post for more clarity.

I generally recommend avoiding wheat as much as possible, however, from time to time I do eat sprouted bread that contains wheat and occasionally eat sprouted wheat.

I also make it a point to soak all my grains as to limit my exposure to lectins. Hope this helps clarify. There is so much conflicting advice on the internet that it is very difficult to know what is real. What evidence do you have to corroborate your statements? This is why I recommend soaking to remove all kinds of antinutrients which lessens digestive burdens overall, and picking and choosing the kinds of food that your body digests well.

There is a lot of information out there today and yes, a lot of it does seem conflicting. Eat based on how your body feels. Take advice lightly, make your best choices, relax and enjoy your food.

Thank you so much for this very informative article.. Hello Kim, I stumbled across your blog during my research on indesirable effects associated with the consumption of grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. I found it very interesting the process of soaking your seeds to neutralize harmful antinutrients.

Your article is very informative and well elaborated in the sense that it explains the necessity of not eating these seeds raw. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My name is Kim, and I am a yogi with a smoldering passion for nutrition and healthy living.

My mission is to inspire as many people as I can to expand their awareness and broaden their horizons by giving a voice to the choices that create abundant, radiant health. Here I share deliciously simple plant-based recipes, nutrition resources, detox tips, a glimpse into my whole lifestyle, and work privately with clients from all over the world. Book a private coaching session or a cooking class with me, and keep up to date with my public cooking classes, supper clubs, workshops and events by signing up for my newsletter.

I'm super thrilled you stopped by and have fun looking around! Common processed foods fed to infants and young children. Over the summer I made a batch…. So does soaking black beans reduce the lectins? We also love tempeh — any ideas for a sub for that?

Forever thankful, Monique Robinson. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question. Please put me on your email list. Wonderful info — just what I needed to know!

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