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My youngest is now six. The one that has worked for me as far as core and solitary movements is going heavier with the weights. Sounds crazy, but it works. But eating fast is a quick recipe for an expanded waistline. It is the same with pregnacies. Staying on track can seem so daunting, you feel like swan-diving into the eggnog and sending your sensible routine into hibernation until the New Year. Man, I wish I could do that.

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FIT 1 – what to do after Clean 9

The deep, rich colors are beautiful to look at In the entertainment industry there are a handful of women who have really made a name for themselves because of Dairy products, or products produced from animal milk, include popular foods like cheese, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, butter, cream Juicing is a fantastic way of adding vegetables and fruits to your diet, but of course, not all vegetables and Laughter is one of the most relaxing, mood-enhancing activities on the planet, Gym memberships, trainers, dietitians, doctors, supplements, prescriptions and even Purchase Premium and experience a quick single-click food and activity shortcut.

Add foods and activities to your journal faster so you can spend less time logging and more time living. It works just like the online version of FitDay but you do not need an Internet connection. Will I gain weight on the fit one?? Also how many calories should I be eating on my meals Thanks x. Hi Tracey — you should have all the calorie info your booklet and your supplier can advise on how to adapt the programme to your exercise levels. I want to loose about 25 to 30kg. How do I get it? Can you lose 25 to 30kg?

Well, assuming you can lose that much weight and be healthy, then if we work on about 2kg per week, then 10 weeks will lose 20kg. Also, remember, as you get fitter you will develop lean and healthy muscle — so you will look good, but muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight may decrease less as you tone up.

Will that effect my weight loss? Yes, it is confusing — hence it is best to order your packs from someone who can advise you. Hi there, someone who follows the programme very strictly asked me if it is ok to eat fruit or vegetable before or after the fiber stick. She craves much more for sugar and snacks doing the FIT1 while she had no problem doing the C9….

Perhaps she should try 6 Garcinia per day as per Clean 9 rather than the 3 tablets per day on Fit 1? Pls i need u to tell me how to use my fit1 to lose upto 10kg ir 12kg.

Howmuch exercise am expected to do? What type of exercise will i be doing? On Fit 1 you can expect to lose upto 8kg to 10kg per month — if you combine the exercise with the nutrition programme. The type of exercise various and can be modified to fit around what you like to do — and things such as cleaning the house, doing the gardening, walking to work brisk walking all count as valid exercise too. Hi Neil, I weigh about 85kg and im 26 years old which i know is not healthy enough.

Need to know if C9 will help my weight to reduce to like 75kg or something. Not sure i can afford Fit1 and 2 for now. I reside in Nigeria and i know how and where to get the C9. Hi Temmy — well a goal to lose about 10kg would require Clean 9 and Fit 1 — or at least a version of Fit 1.

The best way to make the programme affordable is to buy at discount and find a few friends who want to do the programme with you — that way, their purchases can help to pay for your boxes too. Hi Daniel — we do have aloe vera lotions — but they are not really going to help with getting fit, weight loss or nutrition.

They will help with muscle soreness or injuries or sports recovery? Is that what you were looking for? What could I be doing wrong? I followed the guidelines judiciously. Hi Ada — it could be a number of things — scales are often not accurate and vary by 2kg in their measurements — you may be measuring at different times of the day — are you drinking the right amount of water — are you doing the moderate exercise?

Hi Bugatti — you lost 4kg in 7 days? Have you got access to buying Fit 1 at discount? If not, drop me a line…. You can lose about 2kg per week or 4 lbs if you work the plan. That would should allow you to lose 2 stones over 60 days — but only if that brings you to a healthy weight and you are consistent in your eating plan and exercise.

Hi, I am on my 4th day of C9 and feeling fab, however, I am starting to worry once the 9 days are up. I have considered purchasing Fit 1, but I am conscious as I lead a very busy social life and go out most weekends, food wont be a problem, but alcohol will be!

Can you drink alcohol on Fit 1? If so what would you recommend drinking? Hi Rachel — yes, alcohol is going to be a part of your challenge. Firstly, how much do you drink and how many calories is it costing you? Look to find lower calorie options wine is better than beer, for instance and reduce the amount that you drink — so drink more water too.

Hi Neil, I will start my fit 1 diet soon, can i go ahead with it without doing the clean 9? Hi Farah — yes, you can go straight to Fit 1 — if you are already very fit — ie. Your Comment Here…hi, am on the 8th day of d clean9 and i have loose 2kg. Hello Titi — great that you have completed the Clean 9 — the next step is to purchase the Fit 1 https: I have just finished the c9 and lost 2inchs pretty much everywhere but only lost 2lb.

I have exercised everyday and stuck to the programme. Is this to do with fat turning to muscle. Secondly, your weight will fluctuate naturally too. Thirdly, measuring at different times of the day or after specific events eg. So, your measurments tell the true story of your success. Now follow up with the Fit 1? My wife is about to start the Clean 9 programme. I was reading about it when came across your post. I live in Abuja Nigeria. Am a young man of 21 weighing kg. I have been confused about what to use to enable faster weight loss.

I started lifting weights because I read that weight lifting exercises the muscle which in turn utilise the fat in the body in for of glucose. Hi Tyokyaa — yes, exercising — especially lifting weights, will turn more fat into muscle and as muscle weighs more than fat your weight will go up.

Of course, even some very fit people start with Clean 9 — but we modify the plan to ensure they receive enough calories to keep exercising at a high level. Hi Ranti — on days one and two it is important to avoid solid food — this allows the aloe vera to get into the body directly. Will it still work? Yes, but it will be less effective.

And after the therapy,would I still add weight? Yes, you will need to do the Clean 9 and Fit 1 to be able to lose a significant amount of weight such as 15kg. By the way, this programme is about nutrition, exercise and changing the way we eat — it is not a therapy as such.

Hi Oluwatobi — are you looking for the discount link for Clean 9 or Fit 1? I weigh before c9 and 70kg is my target, do you think fit 1 can gv me the result. Hi Phina — thanks — glad to hear you are getting great results with clean 9. How can I find a distributer and someone to speak to, in Spain. Also, do I have to repeat this program after a month? Hello Um — where are you based? Hello,i weigh 99 and am 26 wil i loose enough weight if I purchase clean 9 and fit1 and i want discounted amount too.

I think you can expect to lose about 2kg per week on Fit 1 — and some people lose more weight than others on Clean 9 if they are a bit bigger to begin with. So, the answer to your question depends on your ideal or natural weight and how long you follow the plan.

I need to loss 25 kg. I am in Nigeria. So, unless you are already very fit — I would recommend starting with Clean 9 and then moving onto the Fit 1 — although, depending on how much you enjoy fitness, I might recommend that you find a hybrid between Clean 9 and fit 1.

Hi Brenda — thanks — okay, it sounds like you need the Clean 9 followed by Fit 1 and Fit 2 or possibly, just repeat Fit 1 — or a version of Fit 1. The key is that you only do Clean 9 once and then move onto the Fit programme. The best way to set up the Fit programme varies from person to person. Out of sight, out of mind Under the spell of that peppermint bark you co-worker brought to the office? Before you succumb, try this simple trick: Place the thumb and fingers of one hand on your forehand, a half inch apart.

Tap each finger one at a time, once per second, telling yourself, "Hold on. Sounds crazy, but it works. In fact, any bubbly beverage can lead to belly bloat, explains Zuckerbrot. Instead of trying to down eight glasses of water near impossible when you're busy , have a green salad with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and a few slices of avocado.

Research shows peppermint can help calm stomach muscles and reduce gas. When your to-do list is never-ending, it's hard to make yourself downshift, even at mealtime. But eating fast is a quick recipe for an expanded waistline. The nutrient counterbalances sodium, so you retain less water, Zuckerbrot explains. Our favorite potassium possibilities: Or serve up some asparagus or dandelion greens to get the bonus of a natural diuretic.

Stressed by the sight of that holiday spread? Take deep breaths before you grab a plate. Research suggests that women who practice stress reduction techniques are able to prevent weight gain. Close your eyes and focus on your reaching for 30 seconds. Then reevaluate whether you really want to fill your plate; chances are you don't. Alyssa Shaffer November 21, Beware the festive 15!

Beware the festive 15!